Charges: Alex Jewison had ammunition marked 'for (N-word)s only'

Alex Jewison's mom told police her son had been sending them "weird stuff" lately.

Alex Jewison's mom told police her son had been sending them "weird stuff" lately. Anoka County

Alex Jewison, 30, had been "acting unwell" and was sending "weird stuff" to his parents recently, according to felony criminal charges filed in Anoka County on Thursday. 

More specifically, Jewison's mom told a Columbia Heights cop she'd heard her son wanted to "kill all the [N-word]s." 

On Tuesday morning, cops in that suburb responded to a report of gunshots, perhaps as many as six rounds fired, and upon arriving at the location were told "a man wearing a camouflage jacket" had stepped outside, fired a handgun in the air, then went back inside the house.

Officers spotted Jewison in camo, entering the back of the house, and later saw him hang an American flag in a window; after a few minutes, he removed the flag.

It was then that cops contacted Jewison's mother and received her disturbing details about his behavior. Their phone calls to Jewison went unanswered, and he didn't respond to a use of the PA system. A SWAT team was summoned to the neighborhood.

Eventually, Jewison came outside voluntarily and lay down on his stomach, hands behind his back. According to the complaint, Jewison waited until he was handcuffed to become "belligerent," struggling against cops; at one point he "appeared to have a seizure, but repeatedly stopped to swear and scream" at the police, charges say.

Medics "sedated" Jewison, and he was taken to a hospital. He was later moved to Anoka County Jail, where he's being held with bail set at $20,000. 

A search of the house found seven guns, including rifles, a "speedloader," and ammunition, with one box labeled "for [N-word]s only" in marker. The guns and the home itself seem to belong to Jewison's grandfather, who'd recently checked into the hospital. A woman later contacted police to say the grandfather had hidden his guns before leaving, and asked her to check on Jewison; she refused, saying he'd "been acting paranoid, talking about being in the military and a drug dealer."

Jewison's criminal history in Minnesota includes convictions for drugs and theft, the most recent a gross misdemeanor posession case from summer 2019, which prohibits him from posessing a firearm.

That alleged violation could result in up to a year in prison and/or a $3,000 fine, as could a charge of "obstructing the legal process." A charge of reckless discharge of a firearm, a felony, could result in a maximum penalty of two years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.