Bloomington fireman comes to the rescue of imperiled dog


Fireman Robby Smith comes to the rescue of a dog who fallen through the ice on a pond. Bloomington Fire Department

The call came in at 9:30 this morning. A dog had fallen through the ice of a pond on Penn Avenue South.

By the time Bloomington firefighters arrived, the dog had grown weary and was clinging to the edge of the ice. Its owner was inching toward it an attempted rescue.

Yet when heroics are needed, the job is best left to fireman Robby Smith, keeper of all that is good and just in Bloomington and beyond. He donned a cold water rescue suit and swam 10 feet out, scooping up the floundering animal and returning it to shore.

The dog is in good health, reports Fire Chief Ulie Seal. And Robby Smith is looking good and walking tall. Because that’s just how he rolls.

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