Alpha News: Only fools believe mosque blast wasn't a PR stunt

Alpha News scribe John Gilmore suggests the explosion was a staged "terrorist" publicity stunt.

Alpha News scribe John Gilmore suggests the explosion was a staged "terrorist" publicity stunt.

Alpha News contributor John Gilmore smells a ruse. It emanates from Bloomington. 

The attorney moonlights as a media watchdog and a conservative activist, routinely ripping Republicans for their laggard efforts in safeguarding America from The Mulsim Threat. So it's no surprise he smells the stench of conspiracy in the fireboming of the Dar Al-Farooq mosque.  

According to Gilmore, the still unsolved explosion that rocked the mosque before dawn on August 5 wasn't a terrorist attack. It was more likely a "hoax" or an "inside job" or a "fake hate crime."

According to the FBI, the investigation remains ongoing. Spokesman Jeff Van Nest declined comment.  

Yet this scant info hasn't stopped Minnesota's leading anti-Muslim news site from leaping to conclusions. Let's allow Gilmore to take us through his plot line:

He notes that the bomb detonated at the most suspicious of hours, allowing for no eyewitnesses and destruction confined to an imam's office. Some windows were shattered and the structure suffered smoke damage. But no one was hurt. Only Mohamed Omar, the center’s executive director, was in the building at the time.

How convenient. 

The FBI says the blast was caused by an "improvised explosive device." Gilmore, who did not respond to messages seeking comment, points to peculiarities suggesting the explosion was a staged "terrorist" publicity stunt. He cites the FBI's refusal to deem the incident a terrorist attack, which wouldn't seem unusual because A) they haven't solved the case and B) the FBI tends to be as talkative as a 95-year-old Finnish man with larynx problems.

But Gilmore sees this as confirmation of his conspiracy. In a post 9/11 world, he writes, "Real terrorist attacks are quickly discerned and declared. Months later, there is nothing from the FBI that would designate the 'bombing' as a terrorist attack."

Translation: Any unsolved case has gotta be fake.

He further notes how Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Muslim) called on President Donald Trump to condemn the attack as terrorism. Since Trump hasn't done so, it's a clear sign that something's amiss, because Trump has always held the concerns of Muslims close to heart. 

Moreover, former administration official Seb Gorka's has gone so far as to suggest "that the explosion could have been a fake hate crime." If a former Trump official said it, it has to be true. This is surely confirmed by the local media's lack of hoax coverage, since Twin Cities news outlets "rarely cover hoaxes."

So there. 

If all these nuggets don't cast doubt enough, look no further than Waleed Iris Al-Maneesey, "the radical iman who heads up Dar-Al-Farooq," writes Gilmore. He has plenty of reasons to portray his house of worship as the victim. In Gilmore's mind, there's five damn good ones: "That mosque alone has sent five imported Somali men off to fight ISIS." 

Worse, the mosque is now perpetuated its sins by raising money for repairs. Who's responsible? You, the bleeding heart Minnesotan, says Gilmore. 

Writes our brave crusader: "The mosque preyed on the kind-hearted, the gullible, the credulous and the uniformed — in other words, Minnesotans — and were able to fundraise… to the tune of approximately $115,000. Infidels are suckers."

Thankfully, we now have John Gilmore to show us the weakness of our ways.