Adrian Peterson's bladder threatens McDonald's employee's job


Peterson wasn't fast enough to make it to his own bathroom.

Adrian Peterson really needed a bathroom.

The Vikings running back was only a few blocks away from his Eden Prairie home, but nature doesn't always allow for that kind of time.

Luckily for Peterson, Tiffany Langeslay knows an emergency when she sees one. So when Peterson came through the McDonald's drive-through by foot on a cold January night, Langeslay let him inside to use the bathroom, even though it was after hours.


Sure, it was against the rules. But c'mon -- it's Adrian Peterson.

Unfortunately, McDonald's didn't see it that way. The next time she showed up for work, Langeslay was fired for violating protocol, she tells KSTP.

Since it was Peterson's bladder that got her into this mess, she tried to appeal to the football player via Facebook, hoping he would help her out. Here's what she wrote on Peterson's wall yesterday:


Screengrab from Peterson's Facebook wall.

Peterson didn't answer Langeslay's cry for help, so she contacted KSTP with her story. When McDonald's started getting calls from reporters, they apparently had a change of heart and re-hired her.

She wrote Peterson this message early this morning:

We can officially call this a happy ending: Langeslay gets to keep her job, and Peterson didn't pee his pants while standing in a McDonald's drive-through.

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