Adrian Peterson checks speeding ticket for Digg Dialoggers


We told you this was coming: A Digg Dialogg with Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Members of the social media network had until last Wednesday to submit questions and vote. The most popular were put to Peterson the other day by Sports llustrated's Peter King.

What did Digg Dialoggers want to know about most? Peterson's NCAA rushing record? Being the Heisman runner-up? Being named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year? Nope. More than any question, Digg members wanted to know about that speeding ticket Peterson earned the day before the Bears game a few weeks ago when Edina police Officer Molly Anderson clocked his his BMW at 109 mph in a 55 mph. (Question time closed too soon to ask about his 35 yards on 12 carries in that dismal loss last night to the Panthers.)

The question was asked this way: "When you just got that speeding ticket last weekend, were you in a car or just running down the freeway?"

"I was in a car," he says with a laugh. "You've definitely go to keep checking the speedometer. You can be going pretty fast and not know it. It drives real smooth."

Here's that video:

You can watch Peterson's answers to the rest of the most popular questions, below, by clicking here.

  • When you just got that speeding ticket last weekend, were you in a car or just running down the freeway?
  • Who is the one NFL player, not currently on the Vikings, that you would like to have on your team?
  • Knowing the odds of becoming a professional football player in the NFL, did you have a plan B just in case your dream didn't come true? If so, what was it?
  • What is the hardest hit you've taken in your career, and who delivered it?
  • Do you think that college football needs a playoff system?
  • You completely ran over William Gay when you played against the Steelers earlier this year. Can you describe how that play developed and tell us what it was like to utterly destroy another man?
  • Would the best college team have a chance at beating the worst pro team?
  • What's it like playing with a guy like Brett Favre? We all see his public image on ESPN all the time, but what's he like as a teammate and what does he bring to the team that wasn't there in years past?
  • If you could change any two rules in the NFL, what would they be?
  • If EA asked, would you appear on the cover of their Madden football game?

Digg runs these question-and-answer sessions periodically with well-known names in the news. Past visitors to Dialogg have included film director Peter Jackson, skateboard champion and entrepreneur Tony Hawk and treasury secretary Timothy Geithner.

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