A time-capsule letter from 1969 was just discovered inside a St. Paul wall


Dang Reddit: Persephone_Bash

In early November, 1969, Bob Michlitsch sat on a sink, ripping it right off the wall.

Two weeks later, Mike Silva Sr. and his 11-year-old son, Mike Jr., tasked themselves with repairing the damage to their St. Paul home. Mike Jr. hid a loose-leaf letter inside the wall that day, which happened to be his birthday. 

How do we know all of this? 

Because a photo of that time-capsule message emerged Sunday via Reddit. A friend of the home's current owner posted it under the header: "My buddy was renovating his bathroom and found this in the wall." In case you're having trouble reading the image above, here's the full text:

Nov. 22, 1969

Hello, to whom ever finds this. My name is Mike Silva Jr. Today is my 11th birthday. I am helping my dad put in the sink. Two weeks ago Bob Michlitsch sat on it + pulled it off the wall. When you find this would you please try to + contact me to let me know.

Mike Silva Jr.

Within hours, Silva Jr. had been contacted. A Reddit user informed his son, Mike Silva III, that his dad's hidden artifact had been discovered.  

"It was just crazy; I literally forgot all about it," Silva Jr. tells City Pages. "Even right now, I can kind of remember... but I just can’t picture it... 49 years ago!"

These days, Silva Jr. works as a concrete finisher in Braham, Minnesota, located about an hour north of his childhood home on Selby Avenue. He was headed to a bar to watch the Vikings game when his son excitedly called about the letter. 

Silva Jr. has no answers for the remaining historical mystery: Just who the hell was clumsy Bob Michlitsch?

“I kinda remember [the sink] breaking, but I can’t remember that Bob; it's hard to remember way back then," reports Silva Jr., adding that his son is currently tracking down the physical letter. Silva Sr. died six years ago, but Junior thinks his dad would've gotten a kick out of the letter resurfacing.

"I can’t get over it…" Silva Jr. says. "It’s like, ‘Wow!'"