A family of geese created a traffic jam in suburban Minneapolis this morning

14 geese decided to hold a family gathering in the midst of rush hour traffic on Highway 100.

14 geese decided to hold a family gathering in the midst of rush hour traffic on Highway 100. Minnesota Department of Transportation Traffic, Twitter

Tuesday morning began with sunshine, a pleasant breeze, and absolute mayhem on southbound Highway 100 at Cedar Lake Road.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation posted a photo at 7 a.m. of the problem. Fourteen geese—including some fuzzy teenage goslings—were waddling between the highway and the onramp and causing serious backups. A photo shows a chain of cars on both sides of the median, all but assured goosey death held at bay.

Another user posted an update, which included a photo of what appeared to be a state trooper parked on the side of the highway and herding the geese along the shoulder, but it was still uncertain what had happened.

You’ll be happy to know the geese—and the drivers—are all safe. Kevin Gutknecht of the Department of Transportation confirmed with his fellow officers that all 14 had been ushered off the ramp by around 9:45 a.m.

But it’s not the first time a large group of geese has thrown a wrench into traffic. In fact, it’s not the first time this week. On Monday, east and westbound Highway 36 at English Street in St. Paul came to a standstill at the behest of a couple dozen geese ambling down the road. The department later tweeted that they’d “crossed several lanes of freeway traffic safely.”

“What are they protesting?” a commenter asked.

“Hunting season,” another answered.

On Friday, a family of swans escaped being flattened on 94 in Maple Grove, and earlier this month, a state trooper helped a shoebox-sized turtle to safety on Highway 212 in Eden Prairie. A mother duck and her 11 ducklings were shepherded across Highway 61 near Lake City last month. There’s seemingly never a dull moment on Minnesota’s roadways.

But likely nothing will top April of last year, when a dog and a small, shaggy goat were found walking side by side on Highway 61 near Hastings. A trooper kept them company until the Animal Humane Society showed up to take the mismatched pair away, who were reportedly “very attached to one another.” Their owner soon claimed them and took them home.