A breeders' paradise: Minnesota named 2nd best state to raise a family


Minnesota: Where the kids are fed and healthy, and mom and dad aren't hurtling toward divorce. Wikimedia

Forget all the sky-is-falling talk about high taxes, downtown crime, or the influx of refugees (we’re looking at you, St. Cloud). Minnesota is still the nation’s second best place to raise a family.

That’s the conclusion of WalletHub, a site the conducts quality of life surveys (and would really like you to sign up for its credit score service). Minnesota was surpassed only by Massachusetts, even though people talk funny there.

The study was based on stuff decent people care about, not the “family values” peddled by politicians. They include child care and housing costs, income and unemployment, divorce and poverty rates, infant mortality, and crime, among others.

Minnesota scored no lower than 16th in any category. But it finished especially strong in median family income when adjusted for cost of living (1st), percentage of families in poverty (3rd), and separation and divorce rates (4th).

Rounding out the Top 5 were New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Vermont. Wisconsin finished 6th, despite signing a longterm lease to become a subsidiary of Koch Industries.

If you have kids, the places you should avoid at all costs are a round-up of the usual suspects – where everyone squeals about family values, but they usually entail the Mean Jesus variety. The five worst, in order: New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

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