Watch the naughty rap video shot at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis [VIDEO]


"Fuckin' these hoes is keepin' me goin'," rapper P Skud says in the first few lines of his new track, "Keep Me Going."

It's a pretty standard line for modern rap lyrics. It's also the kind of thing that'd get you in trouble if you said it at a high school.

And that's what makes P Skud's video so interesting: He is, at that very moment, standing in a public high school, at Patrick Henry High School in north Minneapolis. 

This is the same Patrick Henry City Pages profiled late last year as a city school trying to do right by its kids. Today, that means distancing itself as far as possible from the content of this rap video.

The video, filmed inside the gym at the school, also features a basketball game, a bunch of fans in the bleachers, and some women who are sort of dressed like cheerleaders -- but who may not have learned their ... manuevers at cheerleading practice. 

Other choice lines, spoken by either P Skud (local to Minneapolis) or Lil Bibby, his Chicago-based collaborator on this tune:

"Pop me a pill, and you know it's potent"

"Thot bitches so you know they rollin'"

"If I go broke I kick a door in/Ain't wifin' these bitches they too annoying"

"We in Chiraq with the heat got free crack on repeat/Strapped for the beef got the MAC on the street"

"Money will keep me goin'/Drank will keep me going'"

"My niggas wildin' will keep me goin'"

So, there's some misogyny, some drugs, some violence, and a tiny bit of school spirit. Goooooo Patriots! 

Skud (real name Lavern Jamison, and a graduate of Patrick Henry) tells the Star Tribune he paid $12,000 to make the video, and says the song was meant to "motivate [his] little brother" to "never stop, to keep going." It even offers some helpful tips on the kinds of things you might find that keep you going.

People at Patrick Henry and the Minneapolis Public School District would like P SKud to stop going right about now. A statement from spokeswoman Gail Plewacki says Patrick Henry principal Yusuf Abdullah asked the artists behind the song and video to take it off YouTube, where it's already racked up 50,000-plus views. So far, they're leaving it up.

Just $300 of that 12 large went toward renting the gym, which P Skud and Lil Bibby got for what they described as a "basketball promotion."

Technically, scantily clad twerking and rap music is one way to promote basketball... it's probably just not how they'd do it in most high school athletic leagues.

Plewacki says the district was "tremendously misled," and that the lyrics and scenes in the video "do not align with our values."

Take a look for yourself. See if this is how you remember high school.

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