Watch Har Mar, Prof, Slug, others wreck shit in the new Sims music video


Prof, left, and Har Mar Superstar, center, getting all "Office Space" on us in the "What They Don't Know" clip YouTube

An abridged history of wrecking shit: Gallagher's watermelons (1970s), Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" (1999), this St. Paul anger den (last week), and, finally, the new music video for Sims' "What They Don't Know" (Tuesday). 

The latter cultural artifact is our focus today, although this music editor is all ears regarding a "Break Stuff" thinkpiece. 

Celebrated Doomtree rapper Sims dropped the Minneapolis-shot "What They Don't Know" video in support of his latest of album, November's More Than Ever. It features cameos from P.O.S, Aby Wolf, Prof, Ashley Gold, plus noted friends of City Pages like Har Mar Superstar and Slug of Atmosphere. If there's a common thread throughout, it's chaos -- Prof and Har Mar tearing up an office, Slug dousing Muddy Waters entrees with cat litter, and poor P.O.S' minivan getting smashed by teenage evangelists. 

Here's Sims introducing the video on Doomtree's website

"So without further ado, here is the beyond hilarious video for 'What They Don’t Know,' directed by Adam J. Dunn and Sims, and starring about one million local musician cameos including Har Mar Superstar, P.O.S, Slug of Atmosphere, Prof, Aby Wolf, RP Hooks, Dwynell Roland, Ecid, Ashley Gold, Przm, and more. I have laughed out loud more at this than any other music video in the history of music videos."

There's also this 360-degree virtual reality version, if that's your thing.  

The album-release party for More Than Ever goes down Friday at First Avenue. Look for an interview with Sims on our website later this week. 

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