Twins home opener to feature Har Mar Superstar-Spangled Banner

Getty Images/Star Tribune

Getty Images/Star Tribune

We’ve got good news for fans of Har Mar Superstar, the Minnesota Twins, and/or the War of 1812.

Har Mar, also known as Sean Tillman, will perform “The Star-Spangled Banner,” also known as the national anthem, before the Twins play the Cleveland Indians on March 28, also known as opening day. Justin Morneau, the Twins’ 2006 MVP, will throw out the first pitch.

It’s entirely likely that the Twins will play the popular flag-enraptured patriotic American baseball song before every home game this season. However, it is entirely unlikely that Har Mar will sing it every time. He’s a busy guy, after all: After wrapping up last year's successful Sam Cooke tribute tour, he's teamed up with Sabrina Ellis to perform as Heart Bones. He's also a partner in a Moorhead bar, as you may remember from the last time we turned his name into a terrible pun for a headline.

While it’s a high honor to be chosen to sing the national anthem on opening day, this is also a gig fraught with peril. Poor Dessa was struck ill when she was scheduled to sing the anthem in 2017. And when she did take the field in 2018, a trained bald eagle freaked out and landed on a Seattle Mariner.


Is the national anthem cursed? Are the Twins cursed? Is America cursed? Clearly, the answer to all three of these questions is “Yes.”

City Pages certainly does not expect Har Mar to dispel those myriad curses on game day, but we're confident that he can rise above any unforeseen paranormality with his usual elan. Still, be prepared, dude.