Try not to do this [VIDEO]


If you can believe it, the teenage girl in this image had allegedly been drinking. Billy Little Facebook

When a six-second video with no action goes viral, you know you're looking at something special. 

This past weekend, the Winstock Country Music Festival graced the small town of Winsted, in central Minnesota. The lineup featured big-name talents like Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert, plus a spotlight-stealing young newcomer to the scene.

We've got no idea if this woman can sing or play an instrument, and we are a little concerned about her ability to hold her liquor or make good decisions. Regardless, her performance at Winstock 2018 will never be forgotten.

Bring Me the News got some of the bacsktory here from McLeod County Sheriff's Office, which says the person seen here is a teenager, and that firefighters used a chain saw to cut the exhaust pipe and get her head out. Of the exhaust pipe. Where she had put her head.

In a shocking turn of events, the girl was cited for minor consumption after she was detached from the vehicle. According to BMTN, someone has attempted to take credit for the stunt online, calling herself "the tailpipe girl," and asking: "whachu know about it?"

Answer: We know you are not supposed to do this. 

With any luck, "whachu know about it?" will become the central Minnesota version of "Cash me outside how bout dat?", and she'll be back at next year's Winstock Festival -- as the headliner. Based on the views this Facebook's video already received, people are very into her... work.

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