Toki Wright will host the Current’s new hip-hop show

The Current's newest on air personality, Toki Wright.

The Current's newest on air personality, Toki Wright.

If you were still expecting the Current to hire you as its new hip-hop DJ, I’ve got some bad news for you.

But if you’re everybody else, I’ve got some good news: The radio station announced this morning that prominent local MC, activist, and educator Toki Wright is coming aboard as its newest on-air personality.

There’s been a hip-hop-shaped hole in the 89.3 playlist since Kevin Beacham and Siddiq’s H2 aired its final episode in May, and the station announced its search for a rap DJ shortly afterward.

Wright will start prepping the show in November (hey, that’s tomorrow), and it will begin airing early next year, according to a press release from the Current.

The new program will premiere at a time when there’s never been more hip-hop on Twin Cities radio. In addition to Go 95.3 and rap oldies outlets Hot 102.5 and Vibe 105, KMOJ joined the fray with its own HD hip-hop station this year.

Just think: It’s been only 38 years since “Rapper’s Delight,” and already we can hear the most popular music in the world on our radios right here in Minnesota. As a great man once said, what a time to be alive.