The 25 most-read City Pages stories of 2018

That's you, clicking away.

That's you, clicking away. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Egalitarian warriors, epic one-liners, embarrassed right-wing pundits, emotionally vulnerable concert reviews, exhaustive pizza rankings: These are the alliterative things City Pages readers valued the most, via the almighty click, in 2018. 

We'll keep bucking market inevitabilities by continuing to exist in 2019, always delivering you the most relevant, engaging, fun, in-depth, wacky, thoughtful, unexpected, and shit-stirring news in town. But, for now, enjoy this look back at the most-read CP stories of the past 12 months. 

1. 'Anarchists,' middle-class avengers are attacking Minnesota GOP candidates (click here to read)

2. 50 great Mitch Hedberg jokes on what would've been his 50th birthday (click here to read)

3. U.S.-born American citizen in country legally charged in teen's death (click here to read)

4. Who the hell wears the Confederate flag to the Minnesota State Fair? (click here to read)

5. Laura Loomer 'discovers' busloads of Muslims committing 'voter fraud' in Minnesota (click here to read)

6. Tomi Lahren's Minneapolis brunch spoiled by thrown drink, heckling [VIDEO] (click here to read)

7. Jimmy Buffett & the Eagles at Minneapolis' Target Field: A timeline (click here to read)

8. I saw Fleetwood Mac with my ex-boyfriend’s secret girlfriend (click here to read)

9. Minnesota Rep. Mary Franson compares 'March for Our Lives' kids to Hitler Youth (click here to read)

10. Here's why 10 (!) stealth bombers zoomed over Minneapolis, probably (click here to read)

11. Can charming liquor heir Dean Phillips beat Erik Paulsen, Minnesota's corporate congressman? (click here to read)

12. Dear Vikings fans, please enjoy these very good Stefon Diggs memes (click here to read)

13. Minnesota State Fair announces $14 million expansion (click here to read)

14. This data map of Minnesota wolves is incredible (click here to read)

15. A St. Paul Starbucks and the drive-thru from hell (click here to read)

16. An open letter to Donald Trump, from the 'man-bunned protester' in Duluth (click here to read)

17. Minnesota winter weather forecast: We've got bigger problems than this (click here to read)

18. 14 beers striking Minneapolis-St. Paul Teamsters want you to boycott in solidarity (click here to read)

19. Free 2018 Super Bowl concerts: See complete lineup of Minneapolis shows on Nicollet Mall (click here to read)

20. Justin Timberlake, Prince-mocking white guy, will hold a Super Bowl week event at Paisley Park (click here to read)

21. The frozen pizzas of Minnesota, ranked (click here to read)

22. John Oliver profiles Brock Pierce, 'Mighty Ducks' child star/cryptocurrency cowboy pimp (click here to read)

23. We found the worst people on earth, and it's these Eagles fans [VIDEO] (click here to read)

24. How the University of Minnesota harbors sexual harassers and abusers (click here to read)

25. Tim Walz had the best comeback to Donald Trump's 'treason' line (click here to read)