Stalking creeps, animal instincts, and Woody Guthrie’s ghost in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

The video for David LeDuc's 'Slow Burn' doubles as a Haunted Basement preview.

The video for David LeDuc's 'Slow Burn' doubles as a Haunted Basement preview. YouTube

Fall is harvest. It’s when our fields are fattest with fruit. And this seasonal fecundity has certainly worked its way into how we create in Minnesota.

We’re headed into October, traditionally the busiest month for new music releases. I’m getting more press releases than I have time to read, and I already have three debut features scheduled for this week. Frankly, it’s overwhelming. This is the exact reason I never tried farming.

Luckily, we all tend the fields together, so the onus isn’t on me alone. Make sure you’re getting your fill of the fruit while it’s fresh. It’s heavy tree season.

David LeDuc ft. Karin Haase – “Slow Burn” (PREMIERE)

Paul von Stoetzel doesn’t just direct music videos. He’s also the lead director for the Haunted Basement, and naturally, he’s privy to the vast array of ghouls and devils that terrorize visitors there on a nightly basis. For David LeDuc’s new single “Slow Burn,” von Stoetzel submerges the singer in the Basement’s insanity and confronts him with creep after creep. The video is a sequel to LeDuc’s previous single “Sand,” which debuted in Local Frames back in June . The Haunted Basement opens to the public on October 5.

Taylor J – “Jumanji”

For the past two years, Taylor J has been releasing a seemingly ceaseless stream of new music, but this November, we’ll finally get another full-length project from the hard-hustling rapper from St. Paul. Our first glimpse of Roses is the single “Jumanji,” which takes J’s need to constantly beast on beats to the jungle. Director Dontell Antonio takes J to the overgrown setting of Minnehaha Falls to show off what happens when you give an MC like him a microphone and a camera and set him loose.

G.P. Jacob ft. GeNreal – “All You Fascist Bound to Lose (A.Y.F.B.T.L.)”

Minneapolis rapper G.P. Jacob was listening to Woody Guthrie one day before work, and after hearing the galvanizing “All You Fascists Bound to Lose,” he was so inspired that he called in sick, ran over to GeNreal’s studio, and turned out a protest anthem that reaches back to Guthrie’s day. Jacob’s take on the classics calls for an end to racism, economic inequity, and the prison-industrial complex. “A.Y.F.B.T.L.” is the final track on Jacob’s August release, Godparticle Vol 1.

Fathom Lane – “Laurelee”

Fathom Lane’s previous video “The Queen of All Hearts” was an enveloping, cinematic endeavor. For the follow up, “Laurelee,” songwriter Michael Ferrier wanted to go in the opposite direction. “For this song, a very dreamy, personal, and sensual song, I used a much more lo-fi approach,” he says. “[I] busted out my small army of 8mm cameras and some other toys.” The effect is a baroque and pastoral shimmer that takes over your screen for a too-short moment of peace.

The Bad Man – “Babe Ruth” (PREMIERE)

The Bad Man do very few things traditionally, and their first single release should be no different. Instead of filming a traditional video for “Babe Ruth,” the rowdy rock band instead decided to use the screen time to make a trailer for their new album Laughing with Bad Teeth, which drops on October 27. Though the video lets you peek at the madness behind the record and its recording, this is more or less a living poster advertising their show at the Entry on the day of release. If you want more, you’ll need to be there.

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