Russian roulette, lost drugs, and summertime nostalgia in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A clip from the video for Rich Garvey's 'Light It.'

A clip from the video for Rich Garvey's 'Light It.' YouTube

Beer is great, isn’t it?

My writing at City Pages is dedicated to both local music and local beer (have you read Local Frames’ sister column Local Suds?), worlds that historically don’t converge. But as beer becomes a bigger part of life in Minnesota, it’s become a boon for local musicians.

If you haven’t yet, read this article from the Star Tribune’s Chris Riemenschneider about how brewery taprooms have become havens for local music. And you also have places like Day Block Brewing that invite bands to brew custom beers and create signature cocktails. Programs like this are bound to pop up more often as brewing takes a bigger hold on Minnesota. So drink up, it’s good for the locals.

Bigger Picture – “Dangerous”

Spin the cylinder. Press the barrel to your temple. Pray. That’s how you play Russian roulette, the game at the center of Bigger Picture’s new video for “Dangerous.” Inspired by The Deer Hunter, Mercies May pits members of the St. Cloud rap group against each other in a deadly battle of wills. Things get predictably bloody, in what could be a metaphor for the hard-fought hip-hop game. There’s no progress without risk, but as the video unfolds, it becomes clear Bigger Picture isn’t content to play by the rules. Their new record Framed comes out on March 22.

Rich Garvey ft. Radio Ahlee and Vinny Crook$ – “Light It”

Rapper/director Destiny Roberts (working as part of her production company DnM Creations) directs a nearly nine-minute video for Minneapolis rapper Rich Garvey’s new song “Light It” that plays like a feature film. Radio Ahlee stars a half of an obsessed couple who eschew the outside world to get high and canoodle. On the other side of the city, Vinny Crook$ and Garvey throw a party of their own once they’re able to track down their misplaced weed.

Drift Clique – “Lifting Me Up”

Our season of darkness has finally come to an end. The sun finally won out, and the ice crypts we’ve been sleeping in have been turned into splash-happy puddles. So now’s the perfect time to uncork the blissful memory that is Drift Clique’s video for “Lifting Me Up.” Filmed on super-8 film during summers spent frolicking in Lake Nokomis and St. Cloud’s Quarry Park, it’s a pleasant vision uplifted even further by the lovestruck pop tune.

The Last Revel – “Roses”

OK, enough with that happy shit. The Last Revel are here to hit reset on the wintry bitterness with their January-gray video for “Roses.” “Spring never did us a favor that we couldn’t waste,” the band sings in the song’s most excruciating lyrics, an emotion given life by directors Erik and Sarah Elstran in a series of forlorn vignettes. The Last Revel will release their new record, the depressingly named Fool’s Spring, in June, so steel yourselves.

Mike Dreams – “Young Vet (Intro)”

In contrast to the Destiny Roberts/Rich Garvey collaboration above, Mike Dreams only needs a minute and a half to tell his story. “Young Vet (Intro)” is truly just the introduction to Dreams’ new album Young Vet, but Dreams has been in the game so long that most already know the prolific rapper’s story of progress, setbacks, and determination. Young Vet will elaborate on where Dreams is going now that he’s got a decade under his belt.

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