Picked to Click 2019: The individual ballots

This is how Picked to Click voters make their voices head.

This is how Picked to Click voters make their voices head. Getty Images/iStockphoto

We try to keep the inner workings of the Picked to Click process pretty transparent over here. With that in mind here are the individual ballots submitted this year, along with voter comments.

Drew Ailes

Citric Dummies/IV/Fashionable Idiots/Aging Rocknroll Show Booker

1. Harper's Jar
3. Oyster World
4. Cola Horse
5. Kris Lindahl

Comments: you can't play "post rock" if youve never made rock, and you cant play "post punk" if youve never made punk. i say this with full awareness of how stupid both genres are with 9 out of 10 bands being a fucking caricature of the genre, but i firmly believe that when you skip massive steps in music lineage, it shows in your songwriting. i don't know if this is the problem with a lot of the newer bands i'm running into to, but so much of it sounds like a cheap clone of something that wasn't very good to begin with. you wanna rip off Arctic Monkeys? Don't just listen to Nirvana, go back and listen to the fuckin Beatles. you wanna buy a bunch of pedals and sound like A Place To Bury Strangers? well go don't just go back and listen to The Jesus and Mary Chain, you fucking dink - go listen to The Stooges. this is what i feel is the main problem with music being so readily available - you don't learn shit in a weird sequential way. it's great in some ways - not spending three years listening to CLUTCH because you ran out of recommendations one day is a definite highlight of this pig shit future, but you gotta walk before you run. as far as everyone over 30 making music goes, play fucking faster. leave the dynamic and weird shit to young folks and play the fuck faster. we've all got shit to do. you had your chance to write a pop song, now live the rest of your sentence on the surface of this rapidly burning planetary anus by playing fast for the benefit of those around you. its probably better for your shriveling brain than sudoku.

Jordan Alamat

Music Director at Go 96.3

1. Yam Haus
2. 26 BATS
3. Fruitpunchloverboy
4. Milkk
5. Moise

Jennifer Andrus

Bassist in Trash Catties

1. Din-Din
2. Silt
3. Little Lizard
4. Repeat Bias
5. Cola Horse

Chad Apitz

Writer for

1. Strange Relations
2. Pure Shifter
3. Dreamspook
4. Scrunchies
5. Products

Comments: The two-piece beauties that is Strange Relations put out more sound than you'd think two humans are capable of. Opening for the likes of Dream Wife and Cherry Glazerr and having these artists gush over their talents on stage is an absolute treat. Pure Shifter is new to the scene and already doing things. Is ""mouthy electro punk dance music"" enough to get you to look them up? *yes I'm still convinced Gabriel Jorgensen (Dreamspook) is the second coming of Thom Yorke, or at minimum a kind/gentle/vulnerable/insanely-talented-alien. Well, considering Thom Yorke is also an alien, Gabe is most certainly both of the above. Scrunchies possess absolute power and strength in their glimmering shock sounds. Getting them in a room with Gully Boys for a night would be absolute tops. Products' surfy cascading riffs flow oh-so-well all over the place. Cali surfer rock meets current UK punk magic.

Flip Arkulary

Manager, Actual Wolf/ Owner, Blumlein Studio Duluth

1. Dos Lobos
2. Ebbelisa
3. Lunch Duchess
4. Misisipi Mike Wolf
5. Mallards

Rachel Austin

Digital Marketing Manager - Target Center

1. Last Import
2. Mae Simpson
3. John Chuck & The Class
4. Jillian Rae
5. Keep For Cheap

Collin Axell

Musician - Chatham Rise

1. Muun Bato
3. Seafarer
4. Sapphire
5. Beach Mountain

Jon Behm Co-Founder

1. Betazoid
2. The Nunnery
3. Last Import
4. Finesse
5. Greta Ruth

Runner Up:
Kate Malanaphy

J Steve Bergquist


1. New Primals
2. Murf
3. Citric Dummies
4. Tulip
5. Products

Jeffrey Bissoy

Hip-hop contributor for the Current

1. Sole 2 Dotz (Sole..)
2. Illism
3. Pilot Jonny
4. Dug DNGR
5. Asia Divine

Devohn Bland


1. The Smokes
2. La Curandera and The Ritual
3. Dirty Junk
4. Los Pinches Gueyes
5. Butter Boys

Rigel Bloome

Drummer in
the Hawthorn Collection

1. Hothouse Weeds
2. 3 minutes to midnight
3. Lake Avenue
4. Natalie Fideler
5. Andy Cook

Andrew Brandt

freelance writer

1. Hotline TNT
2. Heart To Gold
3. Altamira
4. Nothingness

Adam Bubolz

Photographer/co-founder at

1. Prim Woes
2. Green/Blue
3. E.T.
5. The Nunnery

Mike Campbell
Artist Management

1. Cashinova
2. Dua Saleh
3. R.A.D.
4. Denny (Band)
5. NurD

Emily Cassel

I'm the managing editor at CP and I LOVE BANDS

1. niiice.
2. In Lieu
3. proper
4. Unturned
5. War Prayer

Comments: none of these bands are gonna win shit because it's all pop-punk and emo but BIG SHRUG i like them

Manny Castro


1. Din-Din
2. Silt
3. Tulip
4. Little Lizard
5. Cola Horse

Honorable Mentions: prim woes, michael, bob ross mob boss, healthy competition

Amber Cleveland


1. Lady Midnight
2. DJ Keezy
3. Manchita
4. Radio Ah'lee
5. SciFi

Bailey Cogan

Leader of 26 BATS! and a member of Kremblems music collective

1. 26 BATS!
2. Lucid VanGuard
3. Warren Thomas Fenzi
4. Christian Wheeler
5. Freaque

Cyn Collins

KFAI Spin with Cyn Host/DJ, Author Complicated Fun, West Bank Boogie

1. Eleganza!
2. Al Church
3. Green/Blue
4. Monica LaPlante
5. Tie: The Carnegies and Black Widows

Colleen Cowie

Associate blogger at the Current, founder and blogger at Pass The Mic

1. Nur-D
2. Bugsy
3. Last Import
4. Freaque
5. Heart to Gold

Kristina Dahl

Crepuscular (power electronics)

1. Hellish View
2. Citric Dummies
4. Brain Conditioner
5. Stepsister

Xochi de la Luna

Artistic Director of Uproar Performing Arts (Bedtime Goose/Vector 9 Variety Show/Producing and booking music and variety shows otherwise) and Lead singer of La Curandera & the Ritual and Inhvmanity

1. Seaberg & the Black Velvet Punks
2. Booboo
3. FPA
4. Tulip
5. Dr. Goon & the Daily Tribune

Comments: 1) Seaberg & the Black Velvet punks are electric live, Seaberg's guitar licks give me goosebumps and get stuck in my head for days. (2) Booboo is making some of the most interesting and dancey electronic, hip-hop and experimental music out there right now (3) FPA is incredible and I can't see why anyone would dislike any of her songs (4) Tulip is one of the grooviest, shreddiest, nerdy and heavy bands out there, and their recent LP hits you right in the right nerve from start to finish. (5) Dr. Goon & the Daily Tribune make me think of Chance the Rappers side project, Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, Ian McCarthy, on purpose or not, reminds me of a hybrid flow of Chance and Kendrick Lamar's style, probably because of the playful Acid Rap style lyrics.

I wish I didn't have to rank anyone and could just [ut down a list of my favorite Minneapolis folks. Huge shout out to Freaque, 26 Bats! , Grogus, Dirty Junk, Moodie Black, Butter Boys, Los Pinches Gueyes and Lynn Avery! A few other acts I absolutely love to see live.

Claire de Lune

Musician, On-air personality (go 96.3)

1. Kiss the Tiger
2. Under Violet
3. The Nunnery
4. Aaron Rice
5. NUR-d

Walt Dizzo

Music Director, KUWS

1. Nur-D
2. Lunch Duchess
3. Nat Harvie
4. Dua Saleh
5. Pitch Shifter

Martin Dosh

1. The nunnery
2. Champagne confetti
3. Astralblak
4. Why not
5. Doomchild

pat 'doc' dougherty


1. the nunnery
2. 26 bats!
3. freaque
4. velvet negroni
5. seaberg and the black velvet punks

Ali Elabbady

Freelance Music & Food Critic, and DJ at large

1. Nyasia
2. Lizea Harper
3. booboo
5. Prince Tut

Comments: Each of these artists have their own style and flavor all their own that reflects their most authentic self in the music they make and create, and I couldn’t be prouder of these acts.

Jerard Fagerberg

Freelance local music writer

1. Niiice.
2. Lizea Harper
3. Sugo Day
4. Unturned
5. Goodnight Gorillas

Comments: No more unranked ballots! Death to objectivity!

Braden Fischer

I book/promote shows around the city, mostly in my own basement. I also play guitar and yell in Bob Ross Mob Boss.

1. Marmalade
2. Alien Book Club
3. Keep for Cheap
4. Miloe
5. Lavender Daughter

Comments: This city is so cool and there are so many cool bands. These are only a handful of the incredibly polished and inspiring musicians that I've met in my two years in this city. A few of these bands have people under 21/in high school still. Can we please open up some new all ages venues? These kids are killing it and much of the scene has no idea because they're not old enough to drink yet.

Also break out of your clique. Go see a show with a lineup you aren't familiar with. Make a new friend, but stop getting sloppy drunk and telling the person at the merch table your life story. That person knows how their gear works, shut up, nobody asked you. Ask people their pronouns.

Eli Flasher

Talent Buyer-First Ave.

1. Nur-D
2. Mae Simpson
3. Muun Bato
4. Green/Blue
5. Nova Human

Renn Fontana


1. Tulip
2. Getting Stabbed
3. Partition
4. Doggy
5. Hard Looks

Comments: This is the first five bands that popped in my head in the order I thought of them. I am not important and my opinion doesn't matter.

Ranier Franz

Learning Curve Records

1. New primals
2. Green/blue
3. Serac
4. IV
5. Bad man

Sam Frederick

Guitarist / Vocalist of Lunch Duchess & New Primals

1. Tulip
2. Michael (the band)
3. Wax Lead
4. Harper’s Jar
5. Bugsy

Jay Gabler

Digital Producer, The Current

1. J.S. Ondara
2. Velvet Negroni
3. 26 BATS!
4. Nur-D
5. Loki's Folly

Marnie Gamble

First Avenue

1. NUR-D
2. Loki’s Folly
3. Under Violet
4. Last Import
5. Tightwire

Ksenia Gorinshteyn

arts reporter

1. 26 BATS!
2. student 1
3. Sister Species
4. Heart to Gold
5. Anna Stine

Christopher Goyette

Concert Photographer

1. Maple & Beech
2. Loki's Folly
3. Porcupine
4. Velvet Negroni
5. Yam Haus

Matthew ‘Gravey’ Graves

CEO of UnderCurrentMPLS/guitarist of Oyster World, Tiger Maul, & Catbath

1. Healthy Competition
2. Din-Din
3. Michael
4. Prim Woes
5. Partition

Comments: fuck bands

Sonia Grover

First Avenue booker

1. Heart Bones
2. Nur-D
3. Mae Simpson
4. Pizza Coupon
5. Loki's Folly

Gully Boys

2018 Best New Band Picked to Click winner!

1. Seaberg and The Velvet Punks
2. Freaque
3. Niiice
4. 26 Bats!
5. Nur-D

Solomon Gustavo

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder editor

1. Moise
2. Nael
3. Lerado Khalil
4. Nimic Revenue
5. Michu

Grace Hall

Talent Buyer at First Avenue

1. Nur-D
2. Meg Kirsch
3. Freaque
4. Muun Bato
5. Palm Friends

Keith Harris

CP music editor

1. Kiss the Tiger
2. Velvet Negroni
3. New Primals
4. Booboo
5. Nur-D

Matt Helgeson

Musician: Cassini, Renegade Priests

1. Lilac Fortress
2. TC4
3. Nimic Revenue
4. Blue Bell Beats
5. Kentucky Gag Order

Jared Hemming

Member, the Florists, Dairyland, City Counselor, Tact

1. Oyster World
2. Alien Book Club
3. Great Great Great Babies
4. Student 1
5. the Gotdanged Florists

Comments: I once met Ezra Koenig, and he said he'd heard "Dinkytown is where it's at," and in case he sees this, Ezra: DINKY IS NOT THAT COOL.

Scott Herold

CEO Rock the Cause Records

1. Smiley Avery
2. Humbird
3. Lydia Liza
4. Lewiee Blaze
5. King Kyngyetta

Comments: My answers also include High School for Recording Arts students. Smiley Avery currently has 115,000 Instagram fans and 500,000 Spotify Listeners.

Emily Hoar

First Avenue & 7th St Entry | Marketing

1. Half Tramp
2. Faith Boblett
3. Nur-D
4. Hardhat P.I.
5. iceblink

Comments: Special mentions to URANIUM CLUB (always), student 1, Healthy Competition, Delilah Fang, Under Violet, Half Wolf, and definitely forgetting some.

Anthony Iverson

Marketing Manager at First Avenue

1. Smellkin Ernesto
2. Lerado Khalil
3. Lady Midnight
4. Lazy Scorsese
5. Student 1

Comments: Eric from Smellkin Ernesto is one of those guys who just has a knack for pop sensibility. He knows how to make a catchy song while keeping his own quirky, fun flair – like if Mac DeMarco had a little more spunk and also spoke Spanish.

Adam Johnson

Contributor to, Guitarist

1. Lunch Duchess
2. Butter Boys
3. Wolf Blood
4. Blackthorne
5. Beach Mountain

Comments: “Community” and “experimentation” are my qualifiers for my picks this year: ‘Make the people feel welcome, safe, and weird as all hell.’

Cecilia Johnson

Digital Producer at The Current

1. Freaque
2. Velvet Negroni
3. 26 BATS!
4. Lydia Liza
5. Kamilla Love

Comments: boo, why did you make me rank these Keith

Darin Kamnetz


1. Kiss the Tiger
2. Last Import
3. Dizzy Fae
4. Ian Valor and the Vendettas
5. Lunch Duchess

Jo Kellen

The Florists, Products

1. Alien Book Club
2. Material
3. Partition
4. Alone-A
5. Kojitree

Comments: Follow UndercurrentMPLS on all social media outlets. They’ll help you discover local music beyond what happens to capture the attention of the press.

Josh Keller

Writer/co-founder of

1. Green/Blue
2. Yon
3. Shrinking Violets
4. Healthy Competition
5. Wax Lead

John Keston


2. Holly Hansen
3. Mike Hodnick
4. Adam Svec
5. Sophia Deutsch

Comments: First place is a series titled Sound / Simulacra curated by myself and Cody McKinney (bass). We provide an environment where artists can experiment without commercial constraints. And then (selfishly) we form a trio with the guest and play a set with them. The series has been transformational for us and many of our guests. Please checkout for a list of featured artists, recordings, and upcoming concerts. Thanks!

Kandis Knight

Publicist, Think It’s A Game Records/Warner Bros

1. Juice Lord
2. Jplaza
3. Whykhliq
4. Airman Heat
5. Reefa Rei

Shelby Lano

Musician, layout editor at City Pages

2. Iceblink
3. Dua
4. Brent Penny
5. Prim Woes

PD Larson

Artist manager (The Jayhawks, Gary Louris)

1. Muun Bato
2. The Shackletons
3. The Cult of Lip
4. D Mills & The Thrills
5. Call Puerto Rico

Braden Lee


1. Dua Saleh
2. Velvet Negroni
3. booboo
4. Kamilla Love
5. Ness Nite

Robert Lehmann

Marketing and Booking Coordinator, The Cedar

1. Hello Psychaleppo
2. Barbaro
3. Sister Species
4. The Nunnery
5. Sprig of that

Lydia Liza


1. Lydia Liza (hehe)
2. Big Cats
3. Laura Hugo
4. Anna Stine
5. Savage Moods

Tom Loftus

Modern Radio Record Label (Founder & Co-Owner)

1. Green/Blue
2. Crystal Myslajek
3. Porcupine
4. Ian Valor and the Vendettas
5. Brian Zirngible

Comments: Very excited about Green/Blue.

Michael Madden


1. Nimic Revenue
2. Aaron Aye
3. Lerado Khalil
4. Prince Riley
5. Juice Lord

Lazerbeak Mader

Artist / Manager / Label Guy

1. Sophia Eris
2. Heart Bones
3. Velvet Negroni
4. Under Violet
5. Lunch Duchess

Kyle Matteson

Rabid show goer, form music blog + label owner

1. Nur-D
2. Caitlyn Smith
3. Sam Cassidy
4. Green/Blue
5. Aaron Aye

Stephen McClellan

Retail both live performances and recordings


Zach McCormick

Social Media Coordinator at The Growler

1. Ahem
2. Double Grave
3. The Smokes
4. Shrinking Violets
5. Products

Comments: Honorable Mention to Hotline TNT (PLAY MORE LOCAL SHOWS, YER SO GOOD), Green/Blue, Kiss the Tiger, Last Import, Lifestyle Shakes, Prathloons, Healthy Competition and about a billion others who I'm definitely forgetting.

David McCrindle

Back in the day, I took photos of bands. Today, I’m known for providing poignant social commentary with regards to Oasis’ Gallagher brothers. You’ve probably seen me responding “LG!” when one of your friends posts a Liam Gallagher story on Facebook. Alternatively, you’ve probably seen me responding “NG!” when one of your friends posts a Noel Gallagher story on Facebook.

1. Why Not
2. Loki's Folly
3. Prim Woes
4. Palm Friends
5. Miloe

Comments: NG!

Cody McKinney

Bassist with Chris Koza, Donna Grantis, Americana Death Squads, Tina Schleske, and more

1. Pizza Coupon
2. Warren Thomas Fenzi
3. Tay Zonaday
4. Tina Schleske sings Sinatra
5. Peter Goggin

Comments: I don’t get out much these days.


Sean McPherson

Air Hostess on the Current

1. Lady Midnight
2. Juice Lord
3. Meg Kirsch
4. Dua Saleh
5. Destiny Roberts

Comments: Music is spectacular. It is a gift. Thanks for doing this every year City Pages.

Diane Miller

Musician/Talent Buyer

1. Dua Saleh
2. Lady Midnight
3. JS Ondara
4. Kiss The Tiger
5. 26 Bats!

Mike Minehart

Photo/video dude

1. Duffel
2. Hotel Caviar
3. The Sweatband
4. Flowerstalks
5. Darlene Dreamer

Comments: All my heroes are weirdos.

Sanjeev Mishra


1. Tulip
2. Warp & Weft
3. Optimal Crime
4. Casual
5. Descent of Man

Keith Moran

1. Prim Woes
2. ET
3. Little Lizard
4. Brent Penny
5. Good Morning Bedlam

Danielle Morris

Lady Heat DJ

1. Nur D
2. Prim Woes
3. Lunch Duchess
4. Lazenlow
5. Velvet Negroni

Taylor Nice

Front person/bassist in local glam alternative outfit Partition, director of Nice Work Productions, former booker at the historic Paperhouse RIP

1. Partition (¯\_()_/¯)
2. Harper’s Jar
3. New Primals/ Oyster World (tie)
4. In Lieu/ Gramma (tie)
5. Wax Lead

Comments: Over half of these bands have upcoming releases and they r gonna change the world. Fuck clout and long live the people who make music because they have a burning in their heart and something to say. Love ya’ll

Pat O’Brien

Freelance Writer

2. Products
3  Kiss the Tiger
4. Starcrossed
5. Graveyard Club

Carly Olds


1. Din Din
2. Prim Woes
3. Miloe
4. Tulip
5. Wet Denim

Darby Ottoson

Radio K Program Director

1. Dua Saleh
2. 26 BATS!
3. Prathloons
4. Kate Malanaphy
5. Lapdogs

Jarret Oulman

Amsterdam and 331 Club operator

1. Under Violet
2. Dua Saleh
3. Brianna Kocka
4. Body Dork
5. Shaq playing the zombie pub crawl

Comments: Minus 5 points for Knol Tate please so he can have last place again

Luc Parker

Booker - Hexagon Bar

1. JRD & The Big Mistake
2. Brain Conditioner
3. Ditchweed
4. Alien Book Club
5. Oyster World

Noah Paster

Former booker at Cause

1. New Primals
2. Din Din
3. Merisi
4. Conscripts
5. Green/Blue

Jessica Paxton

DJ/Host (95.1 FM/Northfield)/Booker-The Parkway Theater

1. Matt Wilson & His Orchestra
3. Her Crooked Heart
4. Courtney Yasmineh
5. Brianna Kocka

Jahna Peloquin

Former editor-in-chief of arts & culture publication l'etoile magazine, former music contributor to, currently Fashion Director of Rosedale Center & co-founder of Fashion Week MN

1. Velvet Negroni
2. Under Violet
4. Heart Bones
5. Ultra Suede

Brenda Peters

Booking/Venue Manager at Amsterdam Bar & Hall

1. Miloe
2. Goodnight Gorillas
3. New Primals
4. Seaberg

Christopher Polley

Guitar, Synths -- PRGRPHS

1. Unturned
2. Nova Human
3. Surrounded by Water
4. Little Lizard
5. Ghostmouth

Ian Power

Teacher. I just keep getting this ballot so here are the songs I know about from being a high school teacher.

1. That "Mom did you take my Juul" song from that one Tik Tok Video.
2. " I Cant Let you Throw Yourself Away" By Randy Newman, The song about Forky in Toy Story 4.|
3. " I Cant Let you Throw Yourself Away" By Randy Newman, The song about Forky in Toy Story 4.
4. " I Cant Let you Throw Yourself Away" By Randy Newman, The song about Forky in Toy Story 4.
5. " I Cant Let you Throw Yourself Away" By Randy Newman, the song about Forky in Toy Story

Robert Quinn

I just attend a lot of shows, but I have in the past, written for the blog We Hear Music

1. Under Violet
2. Harper's Jar
3. Graveyard Club
4. Blue/Green
5. The Carnegies

Krysta Rayford

Recording Artist & Voice Actor

1. Nur-D
2. The Lioness
3. The Bad Man
4. Talia Knight
5. Mariah Mercedes

Chris Riemenschneider

Lizzo beat reporter, Star Tribune

1. Last Import
2. Nur-D
3. Under Violet
4. Green/Blue
5. Faith Boblett

Comments: I'd have put Humbird No. 1 after the release of her first LP 'Pharmakon,' but some folks jumped the gun and voted her onto the list last year (so she's ineligible this year). So it goes with P2C. You guys and all your damn rules. Plenty else to choose from anyway.

Dylan Ritchie

Hi-Z Recordings

1. Green/Blue
2. Recordings of Variable Quality (Adam Patterson)
3. Another Heaven
4. Loki's Folly
5. Lifestyle Shakes

Aoife Roberts

Spreadsheets at First Avenue

1. Optimal Crime
2. Tightwire
3. Green/Blue
4. Saginaw
5. In Lieu

Jon Jon Scott

1. Taylor Seaberg & The Black Velvet Punks
2. Velvet Negroni
3. BooBoo
4. Yon
5. Indigo Crew (Michel Be, TaliakNight, Lady Em & Queen Duin)

Amber Smith


1. Speedweed
2. Dirty Junk
3. New Primals
4. Optimal Crime
5. Elle Pf

Jack Spencer

Merch purchaser

1. E.T.
2. Dua Saleh
3. Ash Eater
4. Stressica
5. Kamilla Love

Comments: love to see cassettes coming back!

Matthew St-Germain

Owner, Freedom From

1. Chama Devora
2. Tvaer
3. 16 MK
4. Crepuscular
5. Angelica

Sam Stahlmann

Co-Executive Director of She Rock She Rock; guitarist in With Iowa In Between

1. Getting By
2. Keep for Cheap
3. Vial
4. Doggy
5. Delilah Fang

Jesse Stensby


1. Humbird
2. The Nunnery
3. Nur-D
4. Trappistines
5. Her Crooked Heart

Chris Strouth

Ex: everything, Current: Paris1919

2. Munn Bato
3. Miloe
4. Porcupine
5. Escape From Minneapolis


1. IOSIS is Alex Bissen, while not exactly new- this has been his year of coming into his own, with a handful of must see shows (most of which I have personally missed because I suck) his work has

blossomed solidly in that new blurred landscape of drone, electronic and new music. Its dark and surreal and you kind of just need to hear it.

2. Munn Bato- don’t ask me to what the name means my best guess is Syd Barret era psychedelica minus the drug damage. Made up id some truly great players, this is really a band worth catching

3. Miloe- its a highschool band, for real, but it s clever, dreamy mildly brit pop with a hint of old time creation records but with an awareness of modern pop. Well it’s the kind of stiff that gives me

hope for the future

4. Porcupine- is it weird that the best new rock band from the twin cites is lead by a 50 something hall of famer, well its Minneapolis so no not really.

5. Escape From Minneapolis yeah they haven’t played much but this new band from Journeyman musician n Tal Tahir and Sarah Huska- is synthy popy goodness that will melt in your ears

Adam Svec

Adam Svec, Coloring Time, Fall of the House of Usher, Camp Dark, Ghost Exploder

1. Cole Pulice
2. Humbird
3. Orchid Eaton

Comments: I know Orchid Eaton is not particularly new, but Matt's music influenced me more than any other local musician this year.

Andrea Swensson

Host, The Local Show (The Current)

1. Nur-D
2. Miloe
3. Loki's Folly
4. Meg Kirsch
5. Mae Simpson

James Taylor

Talent Booker

1. Heart Bones
2. Nur-D
3. Fruitpunchloverboy
4. Meg Kirsch
5. Green/Blue

Helen Teague

Video/photo for the Current/Reviler/other blogs, goes to every show

1. SYM1
2. Delilah Fang
3. Prim Woes
4. River Sinclaire
5. Brent Penny

Comments: SYM1 - works her ass off, a wonderful artist, performer, host, person, etc. Like she needs some damn recognition soon. Delilah Fang was a wonderful pop-up band for this summer and got so much done in a short amount of time. Prim Woes is a great desert, ya'llternative band that is making some super special work. River Sinclaire has been a great departure from their original Sauna Accident role, so I can't wait to see more from them! And Brent Penny is a staple in the community, and makes some beautiful noise.

Erik Thompson

City Pages clubs editor

1. Graveyard Club
2. Last Import
3. Maple & Beech
4. Half Tramp
5. Brent Penny

Brian Tighe


1. John Magnuson Trio
2. Will Robinson
3. Mere Kats
4. Miloe

5. Energy Park

Max Timander

1. booboo
2. Deka
3. Velvet Negroni
4. Kamilla Love
5. Hotline TNT

Comments: Shout-out to all my transgender and non-binary musicians in MPLS! you make this city an amazing place to live in <3

Youa Vang

Freelance Writer

1. Kiss the Tiger
2. My Kindred Husband (Jessica Arnold)
3. Monica LaPlante
4. Rachel Kurtz
5. Her Crooked Heart

Krista Vilinskis

Publicist & Music Licensing

1. Meg Kirsch
2. Kara Laudon
3. Anna Stine
4. Ben Noble
5. Julia Christi Ann

Comments: Hope to see Yam Haus POP this year!

JaSon Wade


1. Scaphe
2. Temple
3. Shatter cones
4. Gnawed
5. Citric dummies

Jim Walsh

Writer, musician

1. Last Import
2. David Huckfelt & The Unarmed Forces
3. American Pleasure Dome
4. Little Fevers
5. Soviet.Jesus.Choir

Jeremy Warden

Person at Double Grave and Heavy Meadow Records

1. Bugsy
2. Oyster World
3. Kansas Plates
4. Healthy Competition

John Waters

Brace Cove Records

1. Niiice.
2. Doggy
3. Internet Dating
4. Marmalade
5. Granddad

Erik Wivinus

Curator, Heliotrope festival/member of Thunderbolt Pagoda, Comets Ov Cupid, The Quaking Bogge, Magenta Vice

1. Beach Mountain
3. Bedroom Community
4. Michael Betz
5. Sunless

Mark Wood


1. booboo
2. Kamilla Love
3. Zac Khan
4. FAH33M
5. FPA

Comments: "I feel like I could easily just submit most of the same list as I submitted last year: 1. Velvet Negroni; 2. Lerado Khalil; 3. Booboo; 4. Kamilla Love; 5. Paqrat. Or in 2017: 1. Izell Pyramid; 2. Velvet Negroni; 3. Zina; 4. R.A.D.; 5. KAS because I still feel like more than half of these artists would apply to this year as well. There is some EXTREMELY cool music being made in MN right now and more of the music and media establishments here gotta work to be paying attention and supporting shit more than ever in my opinion—shoutout to all the people doin’ that shit here already." 

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