Makeout madness and basement twerkin’ in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Pucker up: A clip from Elle PF's 'In My Head'

Pucker up: A clip from Elle PF's 'In My Head' YouTube

You can’t throw a rock in Minneapolis without hitting three people who’ve been in a band together.

Since I didn’t grow up here, I don’t always immediately notice how many tethers there are between the musicians in the Twin Cities. Yes, there are plenty of newer groups sharing bandmates (for example, Elle PF, who have the lead video, are a spinoff of former Picked to Click finishers Bae Tigre), but there’s a historical record that often surprises me when it surfaces.

That happened again after speaking to Adam Sorensen of Ice Palace earlier this week. The yarn that holds this scene together is incredibly tangled. People may dismiss it as incestuous, but when cross-pollination becomes a shared tradition, incredible ideas emerge.

Elle PF – “In My Head”

For their new video for “In My Head,” Elle PF put a call out for extras who wanted to suck face on camera. Unsurprisingly, they got a lot of replies. The band and director Adam J. Dunn then set to building an intense visual that captures both the bliss and agony of love. “In My Head” is from Elle PF’s new album She Wrote It, which drops October 12. The band performs October 19 at the Cedar alongside City Counselor, who are also releasing a record.

Sole2dotz – “A1” (PREMIERE)

The Chill Gawd Sole2dotz just released his latest album Misfit. Thus far, Sole2dotz has earned his self-given moniker, preferring to keep it laid back, but “A1” tells a different story. Sole2dotz and Eirik O'Keefe Bratli direct the video, wherein Sole2dotz finally asserts himself above the crowd, flaunting his skill on the street in front of Honey. Jnyce provides the beat.

Vicky Emerson – “Good Enough” (PREMIERE)

Sometimes music doesn’t call for a complicated, indulgent video. Sometimes all you need is to see the artist at work. Staged in black and white, the video for “Good Enough” features footage of Vicky Emerson and her band piecing the song together in the studio. The glimpse into their process shows how carefully and deliberately they worked to make such a heart-melting tune. “Good Enough” is from Emerson’s upcoming album Steady Heart, which comes out January 4, 2019. The video is directed by David Dennison.

Lyga – “Starting Tonight” (PREMIERE)

First, we saw Lyga mourn lost love. Then we saw his spirit resurrected. Now, the big-hearted gospel singer brings his video series to a close with “Starting Tonight.” For the Justin Staggs-directed finale, Lyga awakens in the same church as the previous entries, only this time, the woman from his last video is getting married. To someone else. Lyga is forced to confront his own shortcomings as a partner and resolve to better himself—though he fights his destiny until the final frame.

Wild Age – “Saint Norman” (PREMIERE)

On October 11, Wild Age will release their next EP Sea of Health with a show at the Entry. Want to know what that show will be like? Take a gander at the new video for single “Saint Norman.” The video, directed by Brendan Harris and Jay Chase Jacobus, captures Wild Age at what appears to be a captivating evening at the Petting Zoo. Lit resplendently and strumming blissfully to the song, the band pulls you into the screen and the performance.

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