Local synth-rockers Apollo Cobra win over fascist-enabling charm-vacuum Jimmy Fallon

Jesus, this guy.

Jesus, this guy.

You’ve probably heard the old comedy maxim “Don’t punch down.”

Comedy that “punches down” humiliates the powerless, while comedy that rightfully “punches up” speaks truth to power.

For instance, it would have been “punching up” if Jimmy Fallon (oh, how my fingers rebel at the act of typing those letters in that order) had ridiculed Donald Trump when he appeared on The Tonight Show during the 2016 presidential campaign instead of giggling and mussing his hair.

As for "punching down"? Well, digging up relatively unknown music for the purpose of mocking it on network television would seem to fit that bill. Apparently Fallon has a regular segment on his show called “Do Not Play” where he helpfully warns people away from music they’d otherwise have never heard.

Anyway, on Wednesday night's installment of "Do Not Play," the final entry was the goofy-fun little jam “Sweatpants” from the Minneapolis band Apollo Cobra,  

Well, that went better than expected. "I think this is kinda good," Fallon says. Then, unfortunately, he dances, but I guess that's his "thing." (Also, when did he start with that beard? He looks like a seven-year-old going as a hobo for Halloween.) By and large though, I have to admit, Fallon did all right by Apollo Cobra.

Still, I hope when Trump dies this smug little doofus is buried at his feet like a pharaoh’s cat.