Lizzo says ‘racist bigot’ with Summerfest security attacked her stylists

Lizzo at the Palace Theatre in May.

Lizzo at the Palace Theatre in May.


So said Lizzo during a series of furious tweets last night. The beloved singer/rapper/flautist alleged that a security guard at Milwaukee's Summerfest had attacked two of her stylists and used "hurtful language," calling him a "racist bigot."

After a set that she called "the best show ever," Lizzo tweeted that two members of her team had been "manhandled" by Summerfest security. 

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Lizzo also shared video of a security guard, in a second tweet that has since been deleted, fingering him as the alleged assailant.

"They're keeping me from going over there and having my way with him, but I'm filming this right now just in case I need some evidence and just in case I need to put this on the internet," Lizzo says in the video, the Journal Sentinel reports. 

"This racist bigot put his hands on my people and used hurtful language while tackling and dragging my team off the festival grounds," Lizzo continued.

In a third tweet, Lizzo announced that she was filing a complaint with the festival. 

Summerfest responded to Lizzo's allegations on Twitter early Friday morning, saying the incident was under investigation.

City Pages will keep you posted about any further developments. And seriously advises you to not mess with Lizzo, or her team.

UPDATE: Lizzo's stylist, Marko Monroe, has shared his account of last night's incident in an Instagram story. According to Monroe, he was in the photo pit when the guard grabbed his arm. The guard repeatedly called him "little fuck," Monroe says, and locked him up until the tour manager arrived.

Monroe says that when Shelby Swain, Lizzo's hairstylist, attempted to intervene on his behalf, the guard chest-bumped her. Swain posted her own commentary about last night on Instagram: "Y'all got some dumbass people in Milwaukee. Just dumb, racist, homophobic, all of that plus more."