Leonard Nimoy and angry flowers in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

No one enjoyed a good LaserDisc more than Leonard Nimoy.

No one enjoyed a good LaserDisc more than Leonard Nimoy. YouTube

It’s good to be back.

After taking last week off, my inbox was bulging with two weeks’ worth of fresh local music videos waiting to be shared. As usual, only the cream of the crop can make this humble rundown. That means today’s return edition of Local Frames is even more high quality than normal installments.

I’m back and feeling fresh and more enthused about the creative forces at work in the Twin Cities than ever. It’s a shame that only half as many videos produced while I was away found a home here. But don’t worry—I’ll never go on vacation again.

Kill to Kill – “I’d Rather Have a Gun than a Flag”

The last Kill to Kill album was released in 2009, but now the howling Minneapolis post-rock band has returned with “I’d Rather Have a Gun than a Flag,” which knocks the rust off with this driving, politically charged dirge. The video for the song is austere and unadorned, showing the scrappy trio of Sylvia Izabella, Chad Weber, and Joe Gaskill tearing down the wall of Citysound Studios while a video of flowers blooming superimposed over the top. Kill to Kill return to the stage on September 29 at Brew N Stew Chicago Ave Arts Fest.

Nooky Jones – “Gimme Some More”

On September 27, local soul band Nooky Jones will kick off a string of three shows at the Dakota Jazz Club, and they’ll have a brand new limited 12-inch single to sell. “Gimme Some More” is a funky revelation replete with horns and one of the sexiest keyboard lines you’re liable to hear in 2018, and its sensual video will make you want to get out of your office chair and dance your way to Panera. Nooky Jone have a lot more songs in the hopper, too, so fans of old-school soul should keep their ears to the street.

Perfume Monster – “Say the Same”

Is there anything more sensual than Leonard Nimoy with a mustache? If the thought alone isn’t enough to send your erogenous zones into overdrive, local basement R&B band Perfume Monster have the song and video to do the trick. “Say the Same” is a silky downtempo tune that comes from the Minneapolis band’s upcoming EP All Outta Sundaes. The video stars a Laserdisc, a glowing rock, and an unwitting Leonard Nimoy in a strange piece of archival footage edited together by Zach Dalton. Unclear what it all means, but my loins are ready.

Bleeplord– “Opps Out”

The rapper formerly known as Prolly Tri$ is no longer affiliated with CRAM, and he’s rechristened himself Bleeplord and released his first post-CRAM track “Opps Out.” Bleeplord doesn’t shy from addressing the acrimonious split, taking to the Cokeface beat to show his former affiliates just what they lost. Michael Rivers and Bleeplord shot an edited the quick-burn video, which only serves as a teaser for what the cocky trap rapper has cooking up now that he’s a free agent.

Products – “Everest” (lyric video)

Welcome Products to the Twin Cities music scene. The debutante punk band from Minneapolis features members of the Florists, Frankie Teardrop, and Post Lost—a solid pedigree. Their first clip is the lo-fi lyric video for “Everest,” a paranoid exegesis of the current state of the American democracy. Products’ debut EP On The Dotted Line was released last Friday through Jeremy Warden’s new label Heavy Meadow Records.

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