It’s Sound Unseen time again! Film & music festival’s full 2018 lineup announced.

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth Publicity photo

Wanna spend five days watching as many movies about music and musicians as you can?

Well, if those five days happen to be November 14-18, you’re in luck, because that’s when the 19th annual installment of Sound Unseen will take place. (The 19th! That’s a lot of Sound Unseens. Almost 20.)

This year’s theme, apparently, is “sonic.” The festival is offering up the Midwest premiere of Boom! A Film About the Sonics, Jordan Albertsen’s documentary about the storied Northwest garage-rockers, as well as a program called “Sonic Youth: 30 Years of Daydream Nation.” (30! That's even more than 19.)

Filmmaker Lance Bangs and Minneapolis’ own Lori Barbero will be on hand for the Sonic Youth event, which will include two newly restored “archival pieces” from 1989, along with excerpts from Bangs’ film of the band’s 2007 Glasgow performance of the classic album, and some other video curios.

Other regional premieres include Jonathan Sequeira’s Descent Into the Maelstrom: The Radio Birdman Story, a survey of the tempestuous career of the Australian rockers; Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me, Olivia Lichtenstein’s look at the life of the Philly R&B great; and Waiting: The Van Duren Story, in which Greg Carey and Wade Jackson try to discover what happened to the titular ’70s Memphis up-and-comer.

You can check out the full lineup here.