If you like Lil Nas X, you'll love Cheekface. If you hate him, you'll love Rachid Taha.

Lil fellas, big hats: Rachid Taha, Lil Nas X

Lil fellas, big hats: Rachid Taha, Lil Nas X Associated Press/Tony Nelson

OK, that headline was nonsense, but since you've already clicked, let's listen to some new songs.

We’re almost six months through 2019, and next week I will dutifully sum up the best tracks of the year (so far) in this space. But we’ve still got some last-minute listening to cram in.

Trina feat. Nicki Minaj “BAPS”

Yes, Nicki released her own single this week, the dutifully dancehall-inflected “Megatron,” another counterpunch from a superstar on the ropes. But she sounds like her old playful self alongside Trina, who of course never sounds like anything but Trina. The track not only flips Cash Money Millionaires’ “Project Bitch” but the title acronym too, which, sorry princesses, apparently now means “Bad Ass Pretty Sagittarians.” Sure, why not?

Cheekface “Dry Heat/Nice Town” 

Who even is this band? Dunno really but this dryly absurdist protest anthem was algorithmed Em Cassel’s way a couple weeks back and it’s a keeper. And it’s just the first track on a swell full-length from an L.A. trio (I did find something out) that knows you don’t have to be earnest to say what you mean.

Rachid Taha “Je Suis Africain”

The great Algerian rai-rocker, who died way too soon last September, pledges solidarity to his continent with this posthumous anthem, which makes its case musically, with West African and Congolese guitar fills. Another reason to mourn him.

Frankie Cosmos “Windows”

“Call me when you can see through me,” Greta Kline gently requests in that understated voice we’ve learned by now doesn’t mean “I need to say this but I don’t want anyone to notice” so much as “maybe if I’m a little quieter you’ll shut up so you can hear me.” Confusion, regret, desire—all the great twenty-something moods wrapped up in a tiny tuneful, resilient ball.

Lil Nas X feat. Cardi B “Rodeo”

Look, you can only get so excited about seeing a second unicorn. Our hero makes nice over some Link Wray spaghetti-western sound effects, then Cardi murderously upstages him—that haw enough for yee? At this rate the kid’s gonna be famous for a full half-hour. 

DaBaby “Suge” 

I’d planned on sharing this hooky suminabitcha few weeks back, than da infant on the mic started acting his sobriquet’s age and bruising rivals IRL like the knuckleheaded sociopath he namechecks here, and I boycotted briefly on behalf of pencilnecks everywhere. But what the hell, it’s a hooky suminabitch.

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