Holy rats, demon haters, and Tinder romance in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A not-at-all creepy still from Fragile Canyons' 'Cadillac Souls' video.

A not-at-all creepy still from Fragile Canyons' 'Cadillac Souls' video.

Minnesota looks after its own. For better or for worse.

This past week saw a huge step in the great Minnesota Bob Dylan reclamation movement, as six locals finally got credit for their contributions to Blood on the Tracks. Though ol’ Robert Zimmerman from Hibbing really only made a name for himself after he split, that doesn’t stop us from accentuating his every connection with his home state.

Minnesota is parochial and proud. When something good emanates from here, we shout it from the top of the Misquah Hills, which is a great instinct for when someone is starting and needs a push, But limiting an artist to the idea of “local” can be a creative limitation. When anyone has ambitions of being bigger than Minnesota, let’s celebrate that too.

Another Heaven – “SEBAA” (Lyric video)

Self-styled “sludgegaze” band Another Heaven have a new EP out in December, the details of which they’re keeping close to their chests. But they dropped off the first look at the record in the form of the new lyric video for “SEBAA.” Like much of Another Heaven’s work, “SEBAA” is gloomy and dense with feedback, but there’s also a real angsty, drastic edge to the song—this could spell a new, harder direction for Another Heaven. But we’ll have to wait until December to see for sure.

Reed Benjamin and Nate Millyunz – “Clout Demon”

Another bit of candy for your Halloween hangover comes from Mill City Collective rappers Reed Benjamin and Nate Millyunz. On their new track “Clout Demon,” the two exorcise the hangers-on who leech their steeze. Director Snowset Studio hosts a seance to rid the bad spirits from the rappers’ lives, but plenty of malice remains once the candles burn down. “Cloud Demon” comes from Benjamin and Millyunz’s collaborative EP Hype Beast Horror Show, which dropped on Halloween. Young God produces the track.

We Are ft. Tori Nash – “One Night”

We Are lead singer Brandon Mingo was scrolling through Tinder one night when he matched with Utah singer Tori Nash. The connection was instant, and though it’s unclear whether love blossomed, an artistic collaboration surely did. Nash flew up to Minneapolis to record “One Night” and film a video with director/We Are member Jake Woodbridge. “We've all been guilty of fantasizing over a crush,” Woodbridge says, adding that he took inspiration from ‘90s R&B in both the song and the video.

Fragile Canyons – “Cadillac Souls”

Fragile Canyons gathered a skeleton, a dog named Cheech, and a cheap suit. Director Jake Durham brought along a decorative skeleton and a fisheye lens. Together, they put together the hilariously off-kilter video for “Cadillac Souls.” In the video, singer Andy Engstrom stops by a church to confront a masked parishioner holding a sign simply reading “it’s written.” However, the phrase becomes a life-changing mantra, leading to several other transformative interactions. Fragile Canyon’s new record Slow Dancing Beyond Silverdome is out on December 1.

Mereness – “Extraordinary”

“Hop in the booth and, poof, I’m a Zeus.” With that line in new single “Extraordinary,” St. Paul rapper Mereness makes a huge statement about what he’s determined to do as he re-emerges on the local hip-hip scene. Mereness spent the previous decade and a half as part of PLC (Playaz Lounge Crew), and ‘Extraordinary” is here to show what he brings on a solo level. In the video, directed by Jimmy Donn, Mereness takes a break from his day job at D-Spot and dreams about the moment when he gets to deliver the message to a live crowd.

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