High fashion and stolen cop cars in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Charlie Don't Surf recognize why we still need print media.

Charlie Don't Surf recognize why we still need print media.

Summer seems to have gotten the message.

An idyllic weekend has come and vanquished the mental trauma of the winter. Now is the time of listless relaxation. Of hotdogs and carefree drinking. While most people see the summer as a time of physical and mental vacation, it’s easy to forget what a powerful muse these days can be.

We see it in the third video in this week’s roundup, but every summer in Local Frames is full of barbecues and Greenway bike rides and convertible joyrides. The vernal spirit is easily celebrated in music, so look forward to three months of musicians crafting the perfect music videos to express their bliss.

80HD ft. Student 1 and P.O.S – “Fresh Water”

Student 1 and P.O.S represent two different generations of Twin Cities hip-hop. You might expect the backpack-wearing geek rapper and the grizzled punk anarchist to clash, but when they join up on the 80HD beat for “Fresh Water,” the chemistry is natural. In the Jake Handegard-directed video for the song, the two rhymers hijack a cop car and get to know each other while they screw around the city. The ride turns out to be fertile ground for a song, and they trade verses while evading arrest.

Niko Slim – “Nothing Can Stay the Same”

Niko Slim sounds lost on his new single “Nothing Can Stay the Same.” The fashionable Minneapolis rapper boxes with his confusion over the top of a disorienting Been Reza beat, struggling to understand what people want from him. The existential struggle is framed with psychedelic lighting effects by video director DLAU612. At the very least he looks good while he’s struggling in the pit of despair.

Charlie Doesn’t Surf – “Lynlake Punk”

My life’s work makes for good kindling, as Minneapolis motherfuckers Charlie Doesn’t Surf prove in the new video for “Lynlake Punk.” The video’s idealized summer opens with a barbecue bonfire started with a copy of the free Twin Cities alt weekly we all know and love. But that kind of nose-thumbing is part and parcel of the perfect punk rock June weekend, which is what director Will Rhodes was going for in the video. I can respect that.

Trash Catties – “Killing Forever”

Now onto a band that knows how to respect the local media. Trash Catties’ new video for “Killing Forever” features a pair of anthropomorphized kitties caught in the throes of a monotonous marriage. Not even our humble tabloid paper can rescue them from the boredom, though, and the lo-fi pop band escape to the stage to re-invigorate their love lives. Gordon Boyd directs the scene.

Fires of Denmark – “Important Enough”

Reading too much quantum mechanics can melt your brain, but in the case of Rochester artist Fires of Denmark, a night down the rabbit hole of particle physics inspired a spacey rock song. “Important Enough” is Fires of Denmark’s response to the double slit experiment, which demonstrated that electrons change behavior based on observation. Translated into video by Tyler Aug, the principle becomes a metaphor for how art changes meaning depending on how you approach it. “Important Enough” is from the upcoming record Interference, out later this summer.

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