Half-assed crime, recreational tears, and mountainous emotions in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Anna Stine

Anna Stine YouTube

Pride Month is over. But is it ever really over?

Supporting the LGBT+ community is not merely a month-long endeavor. It’s something that needs to be lived long after the June celebration of Pride. In the Twin Cities, we’re lucky enough to have a strong community of queer musicians, and even a simple Spotify or YouTube play does important work in raising their profile.

If your playlists consist mostly of cis-gendered artists, this is your annual reminder to start listening more broadly. Don’t let another Pride go by without examining your own music habits. And keep the celebration of LGBT+ going for the entire year.

Anna Stine – “There I’ll Go” (PREMIERE)

Regardless of what Republicans tell you, California is a wonderful place. The Golden State serves as the backdrop for Anna Stine’s gorgeous new single “There I’ll Go,” exhibiting its massive beauty while the singer unburdens her heart. The single is a wanderer’s benediction, shot in four days across California’s diverse landscape, and director Elliot Malcolm chooses a dusky color palette to match Stine’s soft, emotional voice. “There I’ll Go” comes from Stine’s recent debut album, Company of Now. She plays the Troubadour Wine Bar on July 13.

Buried Animals – “Trans Am”

Minneapolis synthpop band Buried Animals watched a whole lot of Baby Driver before filming the video for their song “Trans Am,” and it shows. In this video, their Britty ’80s nostalgia jam quickly turns into an escape scene after a robbery gone wrong, though the headphone-obsessed protagonist (played by Nathan Tymoshuk) is so absorbed in his music that he barely notices.

Lunch Duchess – “Cry pt. II”

Lunch Duchess’ new record is called Crying for Fun. If you need to know what that looks like, take a gander at the hilarious new video for album single “Cry pt. II.” Director Adam Foster Jacobs lets the mascara run as the band bawl their way through the too-happy indie-pop song. Never have I wanted to cry in unison with a song’s bridge, but try to hold back the communal tears while the song winds down. Crying for Fun is out August 16 on Heavy Meadow Records. To celebrate, Lunch Duchess will be publicly weeping at Mortimer’s on August 31.

Why Not – “Ready 4 the World”

Why Not know how to have a good time. The teenage punk band released their energetic EP Why Not back in February, but the recently released video for opener “Ready 4 the World” is the first visual that attempts to capture the reckless energy of that release. Directed by Johnny Nguyen, the video sets the band loose on a blank canvas with buckets of paint and a bag of soil. What happens next is exactly what you’d expect of a bunch of teens given free rein to destroy, but that doesn’t make it any less satisfying.

Asia Divine – “Lifeboat”

Asia Divine is on some new shit. “Lifeboat” is a big departure for the soul artist, showing off her boastful side. Jayke Astle captures this new attitude in the song’s video. While Divine mean mugs the camera, she snaps her wrist and flips her braids, dismissing any hate that’d dare question her ability on the mic. Is this a full-fledged style change for Divine or just a purposeful aside? We’ll have to wait and see what Divine pulls out next.

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