Food bank benefit compilation features Nur-D, Mark Mallman, whole lots more

Choose your fighter: Nur-D, Mark Mallman. (Credit: Madalyn Rowell, YouTube)

Choose your fighter: Nur-D, Mark Mallman. (Credit: Madalyn Rowell, YouTube)

People need food. You need music to listen to. A new collection of local recordings offers a way for both of these basic needs to be met.

Released Monday through Bandcamp, Bands for Cans Vol. 1 collects “rare and unreleased tracks” from 15 Minnesota artists, with proceeds earmarked for Second Harvest Heartland.

The project—likely the first in a series—was masterminded by producer David Melek of the Jason Melek Project, Chris Bates of the Atlantis Quartet, and Patrick Davis of The Bad Man. They formed their new organization, Minnesota Musicians Against Hunger, after learning about the prevalence of food insecurity in Minnesota (10 percent already, certain to rise given the economic impact of the pandemic-related closures) and the efficiency of food bank donations: $1 allows a food bank to buy $9-$10 in food.

The stylistically diverse compilation leads with the New Standards’ horn-driven reimagining of the Suburbs’ “Love Is the Law,” recorded at one of their annual Holiday Shows, and closes with a cautious but hopeful Adam Levy piano ballad. In between you get Doomtree’s Sims holding down for the local rap scene, jazz from Linda Peterson, funk from Greazy Meal, and singer-songwriter fare from Andra Suchy and Faith Boblett.

A track costs a buck, or you can get the whole collection for $12. Or I guess you could buy each track individually and spend $15. It's your money!