Elite Gymnastics now James Brooks' solo project -- Josh Clancy leaves group

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James Brooks of the ethereal electronic Minneapolis dance music duo Elite Gymnastics has announced via the band's Twitter that Josh Clancy has left the band. Brooks also took to the band's Tumblr page to shed more light on Clancy's departure, while also announcing that he will continue making music as a solo artist under the Elite Gymnastics moniker.

Elite Gymnastics are currently on tour supporting Grimes, and have a local date scheduled on October 22 at Varsity Theater. But according to a terse statement from Brooks, those shows are still going on as planned, just with him performing as a solo act for the foreseeable future: "It will affect the upcoming tour in that Josh will not be on it, but those shows will still happen. In the live show, Josh would hit a drum kit. So from now on Josh will not be hitting a drum kit during shows. That will be the main difference."


And indeed, Brooks does openly share a lot of his current feelings on the split on the band's Tumblr, while stating that he has moved from Minneapolis to New York, and that Clancy's split from Elite Gymnastics is far from amicable, delivering some slightly acrimonious parting words for his former bandmate when asked if they are still friends: "Not really I guess. I mean he is a brilliant designer and I have a lot of respect for him and what he has accomplished in his career and everything, but our personal relationship is kind of kaput for the time being."

After catching the dance music world's attention with Ruin, Elite Gymnastics followed that success up with a few more Ruin records, featuring remixes and reworkings of their songs, as well as Clancy's always striking design work that was featured on their covers. But according to Brooks, fans can expect that same balance between art and music to continue in the future, "Josh is really, really talented and really good at what he does, so I mean it will take a lot of work and probably money to keep the artwork up to the standards we established when we were working together. But I dunno, I have more money now. It should be OK."


As for what is on the immediate musical horizon for Elite Gymnastics, Brooks does have some new music on the way soon, with a full album coming at some point after that: "There is a new Elite Gymnastics song called "Andreja 4-ever" coming out as part of the Adult Swim singles series in the first week of September. It is the song we would do at the end of the set during the Sleigh Bells tour. It is like a love ballad about how the writing of Andrea Dworkin saved my life.

Other than that I mean I am working on an album, I have been working on it for awhile now I guess, but I can't really tell you anything about it yet because it is not done."

Catch Elite Gymnastics along with Grimes and Myths when they play the Varisty Theater on October 22. Tickets are available here.

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