Democracy dies in darkness as Jesse Larson finishes fourth on 'The Voice'

Hometown hero Jesse Larson and noted City Pages foe CeeLo Green on 'The Voice' last night.

Hometown hero Jesse Larson and noted City Pages foe CeeLo Green on 'The Voice' last night. YouTube

As we learned in 2016, voters are often wrong.

Jesse Larson, the Minnesotan singer/guitarist whose successes on The Voice we've been chronicling tirelessly here for weeks, placed fourth on the NBC singing competition's finale last night.

Is fourth a totally respectable slot? Of course. Should Jesse Larson have placed higher? Of course. Maybe Russia interfered. Maybe he should have campaigned harder in Michigan.

Larson is a local musician who gigs around town with the funk band #MPLS, and who got his big break when Prince invited him to play guitar with the superstar's then-protégé, Judith Hill.

Larson's coach on the program, Adam Levine, had been comparing the Minnesotan to former Voice coach CeeLo Green throughout the season, presumably because both men are bald and heavyset and Adam Levine's human contact is exclusively limited to Voice judges. So naturally Larson and Green had to eventually duet. They teamed up on Earth, Wind & Fire's “Shining Star” for the finale.

Green, you may recall, responded to a negative review in 2011 from Andrea Swensson, then City Pages music editor, by tweeting.

@gimme_noise I respect your criticism but be fair! People enjoyed last night!I'm guessing ur gay?and my masculinity offended u?well f---k U!

That was, of course, a totally reasonable way to respond to a bad review, and not at all gross, bizarre, unhinged, or offensive. Green later "apologized" on Twitter, saying he had nothing against gay people, he, uh, just thought Swensson was a man.

A reminder to all: Never tweet.

Oh, so Chris Blue won, by the way. Good for him, I guess.