Daniel Levy memorial to bring out local artists in support

Adam and Daniel Levy

Adam and Daniel Levy

Last month, the Honeydogs frontman Adam Levy shared the heartbreaking news of his 21-year-old son Daniel's passing after a lengthy battle with mental illness. The community response has been enormous, and for that Levy's family has expressed gratitude. Although there was already a memorial service in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. -- where Daniel resided at the time of his death -- Saturday, February 18 marks the local gathering to remember the young artist, thinker, skateboarder, and friend to many in the community. It takes place at the History Theatre in St. Paul, and "should be a pretty epic day of music and eulogizing," according to Levy.


According to Levy and partner Lily Troia, the afternoon's participants include friends/collaborators such as singer-songwriter Bethany Larson (the Bee's Knees), Aby Wolf (A. Wolf and Her Claws) singing with the string quartet from Levy's And the Professors, John Munson, Andra Suchy, Devon Gray (Heiruspecs, Liminal Phase) playing piano, and Kill the Vultures' Alexei Caselle will do a spoken word piece. More names could be added to that list shortly.

From Facebook:

Daniel J. Levy died Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012, after a long struggle with mental illness. He took his own life. He was 21. A 2008 graduate of Saratoga Springs High School, he was a talented artist, a loving brother and son, an avid skateboarder and an empathetic and kind human being. He is survived by his mother, Jennifer Delton of Saratoga Springs; his father, Adam Levy, his sisters Esther and Ava and his step-mother Victoria Norvell, all of Minneapolis; and many, many friends and relatives who loved him dearly.

Daniel Levy's memorial begins at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 18 (seating is at 1 p.m.) at the History Theatre, 30 10th Street E., Saint Paul.

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