Cellar dancing and apocalyptic concerts in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Patrick Davis of ChicBōn

Patrick Davis of ChicBōn Vimeo

Well, there’s no denying it now: It’s winter.

In just two days, December has made a strong bid for Bleakest Month of 2019. We’ve been pounded with snow and frigid conditions, and you can’t even drive to the gas station without seeing a Camry stuck in a ditch. December, you’re a bastard.

But there’s good news, and it comes in the form of five brand new music videos from local bands. Funny how just reading that sentence makes the sun shine a bit brighter. 


The Twin Cities loves the Bad Man. The 2018 Picked to Click finalists have enthralled listeners with their rabid live shows and jazzy Dead Kennedys aesthetic. But guitarist Patrick Davis’ solo act, ChicBōn, has so far received less attention. ChicBōn released their debut EP Cycles in early 2017, and Davis has revived the project with the brand new single “SHITYOUSTACK.” From the archival video, you can tell the new music will be a big departure from his work with the Bad Man, taking a more serious, analytical tone.

Wax Lead – “Honey on the Moon”

Alternative rock band Wax Lead are fed up with the mining of the natural world on “Honey on the Moon,” a song that takes humanity’s selfish destruction to absurd ends. Filmed at A-Mill Artist Lofts in downtown Minneapolis by Matty Lang, the video feels apocalyptic, like the band has gone underground while corporate interests dream of milking the moon of its resources. The song is off the Wax Lead/Luna Honey split 7-inch released on Blight Records released in October.

Kashy – “Andale”

There’s perhaps no better encapsulation of Kashy’s energy than “Andale.” The North Dakota rapper has gone back and forth with his style over the past two years (a fact he acknowledges in the song’s second verse), but “Andale” is Kashy in classic form, bouncing around a party, shaking his dreads, and tearing through bars. Where’s that new Kashy album we’ve been waiting for? No one knows for sure, but at least the young rapper isn’t losing any steam. Austin Scherzberg directs.

Daniel Joseph Stanton – “Staring Out the Window”

You may know Daniel Joseph Stanton better for his work with Dreen Greers, Firm Handshake, or DAM, but the composer is stepping out on his own with “Staring Out the Window.” A contemplative piece, “Staring Out the Window” is matched with conceptual shots of Stanton bathing in light. The video feels like a search, though it’s hard to say as Stanton lets his piano do all the talking.

Mrs. Pinky and the Great Fox – “She’s a Woman”

Introducing Mrs. Pinky and the Great Fox, who come out kicking with their debut single, “She’s a Woman.” The video for the song is a simple but effective animation, created by trumpet player Max Meier. Meier took the single art and animated it to the tune of “She’s a Woman,” creating a pulsating curio of feminist iconography that fits right into the anthem’s message of empowerment. 

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