Cartoon love, rainy sorrow, and surreal Minnesota in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

An image from the video for Radiochurch's '2+2'

An image from the video for Radiochurch's '2+2' YouTube

Being thankful is corny, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

In most markets, options for local music coverage are basically nonexistent. Are you an artist in Indianapolis looking to get some press for a single? Good luck, because there are few targets you’re even able to aim at. Yet, through it all, City Pages persists.

I am eminently thankful for this paper and folks like you who give Vaseline and the Minnesota Wild the ad impressions we need to keep pressing that “publish” button. I’m not only lucky that I get the platform to showcase a few local songs every week, but also that there’s a team of people around me paid to care and an actual dang print paper that’s free on the streets every Wednesday.

So thank you for reading and keeping Local Frames (and City Pages) going.

Radiochurch – “2+2” (PREMIERE)

Radiochurch is all love. On Friday the pop R&B band is releasing The Love EP, a short-run tribute to the power of romance. Their soul music calls back to the nostalgia of your very first crush, the one that made you totally lose yourself. Lead single “2+2” comes with a simple, universal visual created by Andrew Tomten that solidifies the connection. Who hasn’t fallen so hopelessly in love that you wanted to carve it into the skin of a tree for all the world to see?

Rob-1 and Shea – “Where Did All Your Love Go” (PREMIERE)

This fall, Minneapolis rapper Rob-1 teamed up with singer Shea and went dark. Together, the two put together the despondent EP Where Did All Your Love Go. The title track, with a video directed by Jake Handegard, is the second single off the project, but it brings the thesis of the collaboration into stark view. Swept up in a monochromatic rain, both Rob-1 and Shea struggle to understand their lost love. No clarity comes, and the two are swept off into sorrow.

Dan Israel – “125” (PREMIERE)

The world is changing around Dan Israel, but the singer-songwriter is determined to not be passed by. Israel’s new album Social Media Anxiety Disorder reckons with the veteran musician’s dismay at society’s screen obsession, but does so with refreshing absurdity. Video single “125,” shot and edited by Steven Cohen, reaches way back to Revolver-era Beatles with its psychedelic licks and opaque lyrics. But it’s this blurry conviction that Israel and guitarist Steve Brantseg (Phones, Bash and Pop, the Suburbs) use to combat our all-consuming era. The song is so-named because it was the 125th one Israel had on his recorder, and the chorus of “stay alive, 125” conveys his persistence to continue writing.

Deuce B – “Love It”

Summer might be long gone, but summertime crushes still linger in Deuce B’s new song “Love It.” Filmed on the shores of Bde Maka Ska, the video for “Love It” brings you back to late July and drunken afternoons on the lake. Director Eirik Bratli should be burned at the stake for his wizardry in turning the reggaeton-singed song into a retroactive summer anthem. Grab your baby and your board shorts and head to the beach. 

Zach Spirov – “Bounce”

Get used to the sight of Zach Spirov. The young electronica artist is about to release his new EP Red 19, and his marketing plan includes an all-out media blitz. Expect weekly videos. Expect throbbing earworms. Basically, expect more like the video for “Bounce,” shot by Ben Kohler, which was launched as a warning shot for the blissfully unaware. “Bounce” is an unassailable track, and Spirov’s carefree dancing will make you climb out of your desk chair and boogie till the next jam drops this week. 

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