Bon Iver just released new songs, announced Twin Cities arena show

Graham Tolbert & Crystal Quinn

Graham Tolbert & Crystal Quinn

If, back in 2007, you told me about the shocking realities of 2019, "Bon Iver is an arena act" would rank somewhere between "huckster game-show host is president" and "'Hey There Delilah' is being adapted as a TV series."

But here we are: The Eau Claire, Wisconsin-launched indie-folk act just announced an Oct. 3 show at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center; Feist will open. You've come a long way from those lo-fi, mononucleosis-stricken cabin days, baby!

Justin Vernon & Co. won that mainstream appeal on their own terms. If anything, Bon Iver's 2007 debut For Emma, Forever Ago was the group's most accessible output. Its Grammy-winning eponymous follow-up from 2012 sparkled with gorgeous, multi-layered arrangements, while the latest LP, 2016's 22, A Million, ambitiously fractured Bon Iver's inherent beauty into experimental shards. 

Today's tour announcement also brought the world two new Bon Iver tracks, both of which are posted below. "U (Man Like)" sees Vernon diving piano-first into his lifelong Bruce Hornsby inclinations; "Hey, Ma" continues the boundary-pushing swirl of digital bloops, brass wails, and tempo shakeups from the last album. They're both fantastic, and they'll both wind up on the next Bon Iver album, according to a press release. 

“This project began with a single person," reads a quote attributed to "JV22" (presumably Vernon). "But throughout the last 11 years, the identity of Bon Iver has bloomed and can only be defined by the faces in the ever growing family we are."

Bon Iver last performed locally at Rock the Garden 2017. Ticket prices for this fall's Xcel gig weren't made immediately available, but you're welcome to presale and public sale info here. Here's a nice look at the tour itinerary: