Back to the City video interview: Shaking shackles with Jillian Rae on ‘Wanderlust’

Jillian Rae

Jillian Rae YouTube

“Take these shackles off of me, won’t you let me decide how to run my body,” Jillian Rae sings in the closing moments of Wanderlust. The vinyl and CD release party for that new EP takes place at Icehouse on Saturday, October 21.

Wanderlust is as much a product of as an expression of yearning for travel – all four songs were written on the road, and later recorded with Grammy award-winning engineer Mark Stockert and guest musicians JT Bates (Alpha Consumer), Liz Draper (the Okee Dokee Brothers), and Chris Koza at Minneapolis’ Underwood Studio.

Both in this long-form conversation and throughout her EP, Rae reflects on the possibility and promise of centering oneself in the present moment, whether at home or away. Following a real-time tour through the new EP in part 1 of our interview, we revisit Rae’s debut LP, Heartbeat, in Part 2. And after recognizing how distinctive and affective drumbeats set the contrasting tones of Heartbeat and Wanderlust, we conclude by exploring how Rae’s music charts multiple journeys towards liberation, sometimes shaking shackles by reminding others who’s running one’s body and sometimes allowing one’s wild-running heartbeat or a tingle in one’s spine to lead the way.

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