As the country burns, Replacements superfan Tim Kaine keeps jammin' with Tommy Stinson [VIDEO]


Tommy Stinson, left, and Tim Kaine, seen shredding the harmonica, simply can't stop jamming. YouTube

The Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine campaign for the White House had many flaws: a fatally limited ground game in Rust Belt states, an algorithm-reliant strategy for engaging voters, and no shortage of hubris. The Russia/Comey stuff didn't help, either.  

One thing that wasn't lacking? Kaine's insistent stumping for Minneapolis-launched '80s rock heroes the Replacements. The avid 'Mats booster was down to talk tunes at seemingly every campaign stop, no matter the audince. Last December, the St. Paul-born senator from Virginia even tweeted about his fandom directly to me: 

So, it was only a mild surprise when news of Kaine jamming with ex-'Mats bassist Tommy Stinson hit in April. The former VP candidate -- who shreds harmonica for his own roots-folk band, the Jugbusters -- must have found chemistry with Stinson, because the two can't stop jamming. More video emerged this week of a sesh involving Stinson's revived '90s band, Bash & Pop, and one of the most powerful men in Washington, D.C. 

"Do you know who this is?" Stinson asked the audience Thursday night at Brooklyn's Bell House. "He can wail." 

And that's exactly what Kaine did as B&P tore into "This Land Is Your Land." Check it out below; your only news alternatives involve tales of the imploding U.S. presidency. 

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