A 6-album introduction to Ed Ackerson's sound and style

Mike Minehart

Mike Minehart

New to Ed Ackerson's music? These six albums will get you started.

Capricorn One – Capricorn One (2020)

“Start with the newest one. That is what Ed would want,” Ashley says of his final solo project. “He always looked forward. This is what he was doing just last year.”

Polara Polara (1995)

This record helped bring Ed’s music talents to a wider audience, resulting in the major-label deal with Interscope Records that would help pay for Flowers Studio. Polara sounded different than any other band in the Twin Cities at the time. They still do.

Capricorn One

Capricorn One

BNLX Produit Collecté (2013)

This compilation of the first eight BNLX EPs (which are now out of print) includes newer songs and covers, such as a blistering take on Black Flag’s “Rise Above.” The LP comes with a download card for over 100 minutes of music from the band. “That’s a lot of punk rock per dollar!”

Ed Ackerson Ackerson (2006) and Ackerson 2 (2007)

On his first two solo records, Ed stripped away the noisy, electric fuzz of his other work. Mostly acoustic, these unguarded, reflective songs showcase his songwriting and lyrical talents as well as his clean production style.

The 27 Various Fine (1992)

With its hazy guitar squalls, plentiful hooks, and driving rhythms, the final Various album serves as a precursor to where Ed would eventually take his sound with Polara.

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