25 most-read City Pages stories of 2019

This is what you wanted to see.

This is what you wanted to see. Julie Carrow

The arbitrarily icky cruelty of nature. The compassionate community church can foster. The heroic fight to save Minnesota's wilderness, and the tragic loss of a multinational chain restaurant.

At the risk of overheating our waxy wings, City Pages truly became the universe's ultimate news source in 2019, offering up relevant, engaging, fun, in-depth, wacky, thoughtful, unexpected, and shit-stirring stories with alarming consistency. The following 25 articles attracted the most clicks, thus -- based on how our dying industry assigns value -- making them the indisputable best. 

Buckle up as we rocket backwards down the road of '19 viral CP posts! 

1. Holy shit look at this Minnesota deer (click here to read)

2. Owner blames downtown Minneapolis for third straight failed restaurant (click here to read)

3. Minnesota's Peace Lutheran church skirted death by taking ‘love thy neighbor’ to radical extreme (click here to read)

4. Armed conspiracy group will defend Republicans at Minneapolis Trump rally (click here to read)

5. A Chilean mining company lays claim to Minnesota’s water (click here to read)

6. Wanna buy Wild star Zach Parise's Lake Minnetonka mansion? (click here to read)

7. Danielle Stella, GOP challenger to MN Rep. Omar, issued arrest warrant (click here to read)

8. Let's watch this woman try crossing Lyndale Ave. in south Minneapolis [VIDEO] (click here to read)

9. Bob Kroll is married to WCCO's Liz Collin but doesn't want to talk about it (click here to read)

10. End of an era: Minneapolis’ last Perkins has closed (click here to read)

11. Minnesota State Fair reveals new food items for 2019! (click here to read)

12. The Smear: A career-killing lie almost ruined this rising Minneapolis dance star (click here to read)

13. Trump brags of helping foreign company threaten Minnesota's Boundary Waters (click here to read)

14. Miranda Lambert is damn near perfect at the Xcel (click here to read)

15. HGTV is giving away this $700,000 'Nordic' home in south Minneapolis (click here to read)

16. Roseau mom's profane video against school brings out the worst in internet (click here to read)

17. MN Republican candidate Danielle Stella booted from Minneapolis' Seward Cafe (click here to read)

18. Dozens accuse owner of Minneapolis' Urban Bean of harassment, threats, violence (click here to read)

19. The 10 coolest vacation rentals in Minnesota (click here to read)

20. Cursed Uptown restaurant location claims its latest victim (click here to read)

21. Incredibly salty small-town Minnesota newspaper editorial goes viral (click here to read)

22. Joe Rogan, big brain genius man, thinks St. Paul is Minneapolis (click here to read)

23. Report: Armed man stakes out south Minneapolis neighborhood (click here to read)

24. I ate 29 of your favorite Twin Cities pizzas. These are the best. (click here to read)

25. Meet the St. Paul woman you really don’t want as your neighbor (click here to read)