'Read Window'


Minneapolis Hitchcock Festival

Every Mon. from April 16-May 21
7 p.m.
Festivals, Film

The Minneapolis Hitchcock Festival returns with a mix of esteemed classics and lesser-seen curiosities. After a run at the Heights Theater, things move to Riverview Theater. Voyeuristic thrills take a deadly turn when a man witnesses a possible murder in Rear Window (1954). Suspicions of foul play similarly drive the man-on-the-run action of North by Northwest (1959), lend psychological gravitas to the moral quandary of I Confess (1953), and demonstrate the lighter side of corpse disposal in The Trouble with Harry (1955). Ending the series with espionage, Notorious (1946) charts a torrid love triangle between a reluctant spy, her contact, and a Nazi collaborator, and Foreign Correspondent (1940) follows a reporter into enemy territory to uncover an ominous plot. Find the full schedule at