Catherine Sullivan, 'The Startled Faction'


Catherine Sullivan: The Startled Faction

Every Thu. and Fri. from May 17-June 16
3-6 p.m.
Every Sat. and Sun. from May 17-June 16
1-6 p.m.
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Lean in, or resist? That is a question of extreme contemporary relevance, especially for women, and it’s at the heart of Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Catherine Sullivan’s film. Presented in an installation format at the progressive Hair + Nails gallery, the work features nine characters examining the costs of uncompensated labor, sensitivity training, and scenes from a 1954 film about a New Mexico zinc mine strike. How each character expresses complaint, resistance, passivity, anger, or suffering comes through clearly. Mirroring many of today’s most pertinent social issues, the performance (which includes gallery co-founder and dance artist Kristin Van Loon) defines and transgresses boundaries.