Movies and music at Square Lake Gilmore Creative Photography


2018 Square Lake Film & Music Festival

Aug. 11
2 p.m.-12:59 a.m.
$35/$40 at the door; $15 preregistered for bikers
Festivals, Film, Americana, Electro Pop, Indie Rock, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter

For the past 16 years, people have made their way out to Square Lake for a day of biking, movies, and music on a hobby farm in Stillwater. The unique festival returns this weekend with entertainment on the big screen and the stage. The tunes will be a mix of R&B, Americana, rock, folk, and indie rock, with appearances from Night Moves, Lady Midnight, Erik Koskinen, Under Violet, Pieta Brown, Flavor Crystals, Soft Topics, and Lovers on the Balcony. The film shorts will be a mix of locally made and international selections, with about 80 percent of the collection coming from Minnesota. The highlight of the evening will be “Bike Trilogy,” local animator Tom Schroeder’s cult favorite work two decades in the making. The piece will be accompanied by Dave King, who will perform three short scores live for the first time. Biking to the festival is encouraged, and signing up early to do so scores you supercheap admission. Group rides take off in the morning from the HUB Bike Co-op (3016 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis) and Cycles for Change (712 Universtiy Ave., St. Paul). Find tickets and more info at