Best Of

Eat Street Social

The menu isn't particularly ambitious at Eat Street Social, and that's a good thing. The emphasis here is on competent and satisfying food (try the soups, and the grilled sirloin is a steal); a warm, social vibe; and great drinks, including a soda fountain where you can get an amazing egg cream. With all of that going for it, it seems destined, like its sister restaurant Northeast Social, to be a new late-night hangout. If you really want to get the whole dog and pony show at Eat Street, sit at the gorgeous custom bar outfitted with the soda fountain. The restaurant's "social hour" could introduce you to some fast new friends, and your cocktails will be created personally by acclaimed local mixologists Nick Kosevich and and Ira Koplowitz, whose drinks, both alcoholic and non, are raising the bar for other Minneapolis restaurants.