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Angry Catfish

Ever had one of those days so madly fueled by espresso that it's all you can do not to race through the city streets like the Greek god Mercury? Well, the Angry Catfish can help you get across town in record speed. Not only does it boast some of the best-brewed coffee in the metro, but it’s also a bike shop. Be sure to take advantage of the nearby Baker's Wife for a doughnut to dunk in your artisan brew. Angry Catfish’s uses espresso beans from Intelli Black Cat and employs several specialty coffee-brewing methods including craft, single cups using chimex, pour overs, and siphons which all help produce incredible, pure coffee flavors. This is not the place for flavored lattes but if you must have something frou-frou, try the smoked sea-salt mocha: The hint of smoke enhances the dark, espresso flavor.