L-R: Jesse Matthew Petersen, Carolina Borja


Unflinching Facades

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Two artists who alter and manipulate found imagery will have their work presented in tandem in a show titled “Unflinching Facades.” While each works in a different medium, Mexico City-based Carolina Borja and local artist Jesse Matthew Petersen both question power and control. Borja employs papier-mâché and Mexican cartoneria sculptures. Catholic imagery, Mexican traditions, and culture clashes are themes that abound in her pieces. Petersen, meanwhile, scans clippings from fashion magazines, which he then digitally alters and prints out on vinyl paper, resulting in an exploration of the intersection of capitalism and eroticism in our culture. Work by the two artists will be on view at SooVAC along with a second show, “The Mirage of Damnatio Memoriae: New Work by Matthew Yaeger,” which also features collage and manipulation as a tool for inquiry. 

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