Photo by Tatjana Dachsel


The Alehouse Sessions by Barokksolistene with Bjarte Eike

Oct. 12
7:30 p.m.
Bluegrass, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, World

Bjarte Eike and Barokksolistene, out of Norway and another era, immerse themselves in tumultuous counterculture music on their latest album, The Alehouse Sessions, and now on their equally rambunctious tour. This nine-piece ensemble tackles an array of English country dance tunes, sea shanties, hornpipes, and folk songs from the 17th century, when Puritan fanatic Oliver Cromwell closed the theaters and musicians were relegated to the taverns. This is essentially the pop music of its day, arousing boisterous, pint-fueled crowd participation, spirited sing-alongs, and hot-footed workouts by band members and audience alike. Eike, a baroque violinist, went for broke with a group that defies genre and classical conventions; the musicianship is impeccable and the vibe is exuberant. Strict authenticity isn’t a priority, but joyous celebration that mingles humor, poignance, and ribaldry is, so an aching lyrical take on the Scottish ballad “Johnny Faa” is juxtaposed with a drinking song or an irreverent shanty.