Check out the reading nooks. Image courtesy Walker Art Center


Slavs and Tatars: Red-Black Thread

Oct. 11
7 p.m.
Art, Museums, Performance Art, Speakers

International arts collective Slavs and Tatars is stopping by the Walker Art Center this week for an artsy lecture and performance in conjunction with Siah Armajani’s exhibition, “Follow This Line.” Slavs and Tatars was formed in 2006 by a Polish-Iranian duo, and has expanded over the years to include artists from around the world. Thursday’s event will take on race and communism within the context of Russia and the Soviet Union, deep-diving into slave trade histories while providing insights into blackness, orientalism, and multiculturalism from non-Western perspectives. To add to your experience, make sure to stop by Armajani’s interactive installation in Gallery 7, where you’ll find numerous publications by the group’s Red-Black Thread reading list. You can peruse the books while enjoying the cool furniture and reading nooks designed by the artist.