'Commodity Fetish' Sean Smuda


Sean Smuda: Universal Capital

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As if Sean Smuda’s newest work — a densely referential print in which iconography, architecture, musical phrases, and scenes of violence (symbolized and realized) are layered in an almost kaleidoscopic tour de force of cultural history — weren’t enough, the piece has a life far beyond its existence as a material object. Universal Capital has been deployed on the street as an element of political protest, and it has also been part of a performance featuring Smuda. Colonialism, consumerism, and capitalism are all here in a map that challenges as it enlightens. The opening reception on Friday, December 9, from 6 to 8 p.m. will includes a dinner and performance featuring Smuda and Hijack (Arwen Wilder and Kristin Van Loon). Prepare to participate.

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