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Responsibilities and Obligations: Understanding Mitákuye Oyásʼiŋ

Oct. 5
7:30-9:30 p.m.
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Inclusiveness means different things to different people: Embedded in the word, in fact, is often a sense of exclusivity. So when the Lakota say “mitákuye oyás’iŋ,” what do they mean? The phrase translates to “we are all related” or “all my relatives.” Given the sensibility and worldview of the Lakota, and Lakota women in particular, “we” and “relatives” encompass far more than what may be considered human. This exhibition includes two-dimension explorations of mitákuye oyás’i’ŋs meaning, as well as video and multimedia installations, by Mary V. Bordeaux, Clementine Bordeaux, and Layli Long Soldier.