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Rell Battle

Daily from June 12-14
7:30 p.m.
June 14
9:45 p.m.
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June 15
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“Something you may not know by looking at me,” comedian Rell Battle tells an audience, “is I was raised by both my parents, which was the end of my rap career. It’s hard to be a gangsta rapper when there’s a positive male role model in the home.” Battle grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, and his neighborhood has changed since he moved away. “It’s been gentrified, and my friends are mad. ‘They kicked us out and moved us across the street from rich people,’” a friend told him. “I’m like, ‘Mike, you rob people for a living, they moved you across the street from rich people. Now you can walk to work. That’s an easy commute.’ God closes one door and opens another.” Comedy fans may also recognize Battle from the sitcom Superior Donuts, on which he had a recurring role as Sweatpants, the roommate of Franco, one of the show’s two main characters.