Mick Foley: 20 Years of Hell

May 16
7 p.m.
Tickets are sold out

Twenty years ago, wrestling nerds all over the world lost their collective shit when WWE Superstars’ Mick Foley, a.k.a. Mankind, was tossed off a steel cage 20 feet in the air, sending his body crashing through a table below. Miraculously, Foley got up and continued to battle with the legendary Undertaker for several more minutes; he was eventually thrown through the cage’s ceiling onto a bed spiked with thumbtacks before mercifully being pinned. While the match itself was only around 15 minutes long, the legend has lived on for the past two decades. Now Foley is bringing his one-man show, 20 Years of Hell, around the country, reliving that epic evening with fans who are still talking about his gutsy performance to this day. Foley is no stranger to storytelling, having written several best-selling books about his career. He’s also been touring comedy clubs for several years, sharing his insane, grotesque, and hilarious true tales. Unlike past shows, this event will focus specifically on a single night of his career, but he’ll also be inviting fans to ask questions about anything—in or out of the ring. 15+.