Marc Maron Mark Davis


Marc Maron

Sept. 22
7:30 p.m.

You may know Marc Maron as a standup comedian, a talk show host, a podcaster, an actor, or all of the above. Maron started as a comedian, which he still considers his main job, back in the late 1980s. In L.A., he worked as a doorman and eventually performed at the famous Comedy Store. From there, he went to New York and became part of the alternative comedy scene. Though he failed to land a gig as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, he did work on several projects on Comedy Central, including hosting Short Attention Span Theater. In the ’00s, he became a radio host on the left-leaning Air America radio network. When that company went under, Maron and his producer snuck back into the building to record several episodes of his now very popular WTF podcast. On the acting front, his Maron series, which debuted in 2013 on IFC, allowed him to really dig into acting, but it wasn’t until he was cast in the Netflix series GLOW that people really took notice of his abilities. Today, the guy who jokes that before his podcast he was planning to go out to his garage in L.A. to hang himself now has a million weekly listeners, an acting career, and is selling out theaters.